Lotuschef on Qigong Revisited 莲厨再游[气功]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Kembali Membahas Qigong Image: Qigong poses © Northwest Fighting Arts Qigong poses © Northwest Fighting Arts Someone started a chat with me yesterday about Believing much in the effects of Qigong practices. The chat veered to Fa Lun Gong 法轮宫, sector labelled by PRC’s government as Cult & prohibits all its activities in […]

Lotuschef at Play http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Singapore Fashionable Religion 时尚宗教信仰

Terjemahan Indonesia: Lotuschef Bermain-main – Agama Penuh Gaya Image: FORWARD by Elyse Walker Religion in Singapore [Quoting from Wikipedia – Religion in Singapore] Religion in Singapore is characterized by a diversity of religious beliefs and practices due to its diverse ethnic mix of peoples originating from various countries. Most major religious denominations are present in […]