Lotuschef on Qigong Revisited 莲厨再游[气功]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Kembali Membahas Qigong Image: Qigong poses © Northwest Fighting Arts Qigong poses © Northwest Fighting Arts Someone started a chat with me yesterday about Believing much in the effects of Qigong practices. The chat veered to Fa Lun Gong 法轮宫, sector labelled by PRC’s government as Cult & prohibits all its activities in […]

Deterioration of Sentient Minds – Lazy Brains

Terjemahan Indonesia: Kemunduran Berpikir – Otak yang melempem People who don’t use their brains often enough, will become Stupid? Hahaha! Actually our brain cells degenerate as we age, also reduced hormone production. Keep your mind active? Shizun taught us Jin-mu’s 8 big methods to improve and then maintain health. The latest that SZ shared in […]