Links: Shizun Speeches on Earth, Water, Fire, Wind in Maha Perfection Practice

2013年11月2日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「大圓滿九次第法「-彩虹雷藏寺 English: 2013年11月3日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「大圓滿九次第法「-彩虹雷藏寺 English: 2013年11月9日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「大圓滿九次第法」-西雅圖雷藏寺 English: 2013年11月10日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「大圓滿九次第法」-西雅圖雷藏寺 English:

Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Lotuschef at Play – 误导 Misled

The combined brilliance of the Golden Lotus Throne and the Golden Mani Gem! Brings great wisdom and joy to all beholders! Terjemahan Indonesia: Lotuschef Bermain-main – Disesatkan AA: Fashi, HH said you advised him to chant 108 times of 100 syllable mantra daily. He can do this in about 20minutes. [Guru somehow teach me how to […]

The Annotated Repentance Sadhana [Shri Vajrasattva Sadhana of the Four Preliminary Practices]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Sadhana Pertobatan & Penyucian Kembali [Sadhana Vajrasattva dari Empat Prayoga dengan tambahan anotasi] Shri Baghavan Maha Acharya Vajrasattva Sadhana of the Four Preliminary Practices A TRUE BUDDHA SCHOOL SADHANA TEXT Transmitted by Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Sheng-yen Lu. With annotations by Lotuschef Lama. ———– About Living Buddha Lian-sheng A BRIEF INTRODUCTION Living Buddha Lian-sheng, also […]

19-4-2013 Ipoh Day Two [2]

Getting ready for cultivation of Vajrasattva’s Repentance & Purification.                     I am sharing how to expel darkness or stagnated unhappiness to prepare self for cultivation. We need to relax; be comfortable and most of all, be happy!                   […]

Special Event – Ipoh, Malaysia

  Guru Padmakumara & Shri Vajrasattva Saturday, April 20, 2013: Time: 2:30 PM (Malaysia time) – Vajrasattva Repentance Group Sadhana 6:30 PM (Malaysia time) – Fire Puja Yidam: Guru Padmakumara 大白莲花童子 & Shri Vajrasattva 金刚萨埵 Venue: Ipoh, Malaysia Notes on Fire Puja Attendance registration is compulsory. Registration for all dedication packs and fire puja closes on 15 April 2013. Attendance registration […]

Vajrasattva Repentance & Purification 1-12-2012

The following are highlights. Photos courtesy of Lotus Helen. More from :- Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom Lama Lotuschef