Links to Guru’s Speech 7-12-2013

2013年12月7日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「大圓滿九次第法」-台灣雷藏寺 12/07/2013 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection (Dzogchen) by Grand-Master Lu – Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple The Yidam for this session is Padmakumara, and SZ has taken on the Aura of Padmakumara already in the above screen-shot! Yes! Have a good look please! Enjoy the speech! Cheers all Om Guru Lian […]

Lotuschef in Chat – Support in Cultivation? :)

Terjemahan Indonesia: Lotuschef Bercakap-cakap – Dukungan Dalam Bersadhana? Image: Varada Mudra © Sakis Papadopoulos / Getty Images VARADA – Compassion, Sincerity & Wish Granting the energy of compassion, liberation and an offering of acceptance. [— AA: Fashi, GG said he will no longer support me in Cultivation activities because I am cultivating with you. —] […]

Lotuschef on What’s SZ’s Message?

2013年11月30日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「大圓滿九次第法」-台灣雷藏寺 11/30/2013 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection (Dzogchen) by Grand-Master Lu – Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple What’s important in Maha Perfection? How much Fundamentals of Buddha Dharma have you? Now, What’s SZ’s message in the above session? Why don’t you listen to this one and also revised all others that SZ […]

Lotuschef in Chat – That papery dream :)

  Pure Karma has new designs of Incense Paper & they will debut at our Medan Event on 7 December 2013, about one month after their conception. We were chatting about how Core administrators stipulated that all incense papers must be approved by them before printing. Then I laughingly said, as long as we go […]

Lotuschef at Play Fashionable Religion 时尚宗教信仰

Terjemahan Indonesia: Lotuschef Bermain-main – Agama Penuh Gaya Image: FORWARD by Elyse Walker Religion in Singapore [Quoting from Wikipedia – Religion in Singapore] Religion in Singapore is characterized by a diversity of religious beliefs and practices due to its diverse ethnic mix of peoples originating from various countries. Most major religious denominations are present in […]

SZ on Void in Maha Perfection Dharma 师尊讲大圆满法的 [空]

2013年11月23日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「大圓滿九次第法」-台灣雷藏寺 11/23/2013 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection (Dzogchen) by Grand-Master Lu – Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple Dear all, please look closely at SZ in the above screen-shot at the start of his Dharma speech, does he look tired? Yes! The event started well after 4 pm. that day! Dharma […]

Lotuschef in Chat – Have Buddha in Your Heart [2]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Lotuschef Bercakap-cakap – Buddha Ada di Dalam Hatimu [2] Fellow student PP, travels out of town frequently and in a chat, he told me he visits this temple and vowed to go there once a month to give thanks to the Elephant Deity that helps him in his career advancement. Some time back, […]