Lotuschef at Play – Karma & Affinity! 业与缘!

link: http://lotuschef.blogspot.com/2014/02/lotuschef-in-chance-meeting.html?spref=fb Raymond Tung PK: but its like SZ giving me a message : You can do wenshi, with your heavenly eye …….. Yesterday at 11:25am · Like Raymond Tung When to start wenshi ? Hehe… Yesterday at 11:25am · Like Belinda Tan Raymond: we control our own fate n destiny…..no need wenshi hehe Yesterday at […]

Lotuschef in Playtime – Comprehending Guru’s Dharma Sharing

    Read this -> Lotuschef At Play – Funtime – 唱反调 Singing an Opposing Tune The Bright Light Methods have more interesting “tit-bits”! SZ said being able to do any of these practices, your Central Channel is open and also Qi or Light flows freely – “WILL” by YOU! You become HEALTHY! In many articles […]

Lotuschef at Play – Karmic Hindrances 业历的障碍

    AA: Hi fashi, we changed our flight to today due to my mum admitted to hospital. Her blood sugar too lower and unconscious. She can speal a little after help from hospital. Now going to airport LC: Ask D chant guru mantra and touch you mom. I ask SZ to help and will […]

25-1-2014 SZ’s Speech [3] – Bright Light Method 明光法

      Chat: LC: lunch made me sleepy lol! Will do part 3 of SZ’s speech on the bright light practice later i need to walk around to wake up! AA:  the first method of mingguangfa, does it have to use amitabha buddha as the yidam emitting red light? or can we use GM instead […]

神变-虚空授记 Astral Transform – Transmission Through Universal Void

Terjemahan Indonesia: Transformasi Kebatinan – Transmisi Melalui Kekosongan Semesta Also watch: The Legend of Wisely [衛斯理傳奇] I took refuge with SZ on 3 August 2008 in Singapore during a Yellow Jambala/Zambala event. On 7 August, I was flying back from Hong Kong. The meetings with friends from Shanghai and other parts of China, schedule in […]

神通~神变知多少 How Much Do You Know about Astral Power~Astral Transform

Terjemahan Indonesia: Seberapa Banyak Kamu Tahu Akan Kekuatan Astral ~ Transformasi Kebatinan Astral Transformation at work! 神变中! AA: 我在真佛宗二三十年,别人讲神通我都不听。唯独你讲神通,我都相信。 [In True Buddha School these 20-30 years, I don’t listen to those that talk about Astral Power. Only when you do so, I believe them all.] BB: 哈哈哈!我比较神吗? [Hahaha! I am more “Astral” (Fantastic & Powerful) […]

Lotuschef in Boddhicitta

fashi dear, AA’s dad got a hernia protrusion and needs operation. while the cost of surgery is quite expensive, is there any way that it can be helped with talisman or something? they are catholic family and don’t believe in mantra, fengshui and such. the mom last time got a severe osteoporosis and i remember […]