Preparation for Homa on 3 July 2015 – GM’s Birthday

The fire pit reloaded with various types of wood.   Above: Adding incense-ingots. Below: Adding incense sticks. Below: Adding more ingots and sticks with gold-color glitters; incense paper printed on one side with Usnisa Vijaya Mandala and other side with the 6 realms vajra mantra. Below: Adding a 5-color petals lotus to top it all. […]

安置童灵 Settling Child Spirits

A fellow student told me that most masters/priests/practitioners do not accept Bardo Delivery cases of small children.   Their reasons, mostly about these Child spirits giving them lots of complications after the services were provided!   Ironic?   These actually tell us that Child Spirits can complain about the poor and ineffective services provied by […]

Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Lotuschef at Play – Who Am I? [8B]

Read in Indonesian : Lotuschef Bermain-main – Siapakah Saya? 我是谁? [8B] The peacock feather has an eye each. Hahaha! If you look closely at my forehead, other than a faint line demarking the front and back part of my skull bone like the Arhat fish; there is at the front another mark that looks like the […]

2014 & 2013 Zodiac Clashes 2014 & 2013 年犯太岁

Zodiac Chart. As reproduced by Philipp Franz von Siebold. Nippon Archiv zur Beschreibung von Japan. Leiden (1831 CE) Terjemahan Indonesia: Shio yang bentrok (ciong) di tahun 2013 General Xu Dan Duty Magistrate for Year 2013 2013年蛇年犯太岁生肖 蛇、猪、虎、猴. 2013 Animal signs that clashes with Zodiac Magistrate :- Snake, Pig, Tiger, Monkey. 2013年值班太岁徐单大将军 – Duty magistrate for year […]

Lotuschef in Discernment Please

Terjemahan Indonesia: Harus Bijaksana dalam Melihat dan Membedakan Image: Shri Bhagavan Vajrasattva (The Yellow Vajrasattva from Atisha lineage) © The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation ~ AA: Fashi, will you be going to join ZZ temple’s 6 days and nights chanting Zun Sheng Zhou LC: NO. Jingang saduo chan hui fa is more than […]