Pure Karma Invites You to Join Us in Cultivation, LIVE.

Dear all, Have you watched [Pure Karma Cultivation of Vajrasattva Repentance]? http://lotuschef.blogspot.sg/2014/06/pure-karma-cultivation-of-vajrasattva.html We are having the next Live Cast on 5 July 2014 @6:30pm. If you would like to join us in Cultivation, Live, Online, please write to Pure Karma Admin  — purekarmaservices@gmail.com for assistance. A Link will be shared with you to log into […]

31-5-2014 Vajrasattva Repentance – Key Pointers 口诀 [3]

          From Facebook: What a great coincidence! 1-6-2014 GM speech actually ended with explanation of Key-pointers and Realistic cultivation and he gave example of Visualization of High King sutra with appropriate visualization of imprinting each Buddha’s title on cultivator’s heart!  This is method I shared with attendees in this session of […]

31-5-2014 Vajrasattva Repentance [2]

Attendees for this session : 15 This is the 3rd session conducted in private venue. Pure Karma targets to help new students or those that have taken refuge for quite some time but did not have the opportunity to practice cultivation under supervision and guidance. From the photos above, we are into the Purification part […]

31-5-2014 Vajrasattva Repentance – Rebirth Mantra [1]

Pure Karma’s team cultivated Vajrasattava Repentance & Purification Practice at a team member’s place. Of note, during the chanting of Amitabha’s Rebirth mantra, something interesting happened again! Hahaha! If you read Pure Karma’s 4 Preliminaries Sadhana, these are the visualization for Rebirth Mantra 1. Visualize Amithaba Buddha appears from the Universal Void & beams Pinkish […]

24-5-2014 Vajrasattva Repentance & Purification [3]

24-5-2014 Vajrasattva Repentance & Purification [2]

24-5-2014 Vajrasattva Repentance & Purification [1]

Pure Karma cultivated the above at Lotus Belinda’s residence. Celebrating Bhaisajya Raja Birthday 藥王菩薩聖誕 Lunar 28 day of 4th month. Look through the photos and see how successful they are. Look for Bright Auras!