Lotuschef At Play – Funtime – 唱反调 Singing an Opposing Tune

唱反调 Singing an Opposing Tune – Being Contradictory Surprisingly I found this picture (above). Hahaha! Just what I wish to express! The Golden hair lotus child merrily singing and the Dark hair one with a Hammer in Hand! How appropriate!!!:) Read on please.   This is a topic of the chat between SZ & me, in […]

Lotuschef in Chat – That papery dream :)

  Pure Karma has new designs of Incense Paper & they will debut at our Medan Event on 7 December 2013, about one month after their conception. We were chatting about how Core administrators stipulated that all incense papers must be approved by them before printing. Then I laughingly said, as long as we go […]

Pure Karma Dharma Trip – Encounter with Spirit

PKV: Did you tell others in our grp about your encounter? JC: Only told YS PKV: U stay Rm XX? JC: Yes. room XX. The dream was like I was in a room/toilet searching for somebody. As he/she was hiding from me. Then when I finally got hold of him/her n ask who is it, […]

安置童灵 Settling Child Spirits

A fellow student told me that most masters/priests/practitioners do not accept Bardo Delivery cases of small children.   Their reasons, mostly about these Child spirits giving them lots of complications after the services were provided!   Ironic?   These actually tell us that Child Spirits can complain about the poor and ineffective services provied by […]

Lotuschef on Dream of Visiting Hell Realm 梦游地狱

    This is a pretty scary dream for a certain fellow student. After much pondering, she contacted me days later and told me about the dream.   She said the whole dream was very vivid and she can feel its reality even after.   She went to Hell with someone, she not sure who. […]

Lotuschef in Dream – Earth Deities 土地公

In this dream, I am at a temple of the Earth God or Deity. Walking around, I noticed that at a certain counter, a few people are helping the lady behind the counter ready offering. I walked forward to have a better view of their activities. I realized that they are preparing to do daily […]

Lotuschef in Bardo for Murdered Victims

1. A student paid for dedication of karmic negatives & homeless spirits on behalf of the victim of the Kovan Murder. 2. Another student spoke to me about seeing another murdered victim that was dismembered years ago. He asked me what to do? I advised him to do refuge for the victim and Bardo delivery. […]