Preparation for Homa on 3 July 2015 – GM’s Birthday

The fire pit reloaded with various types of wood.   Above: Adding incense-ingots. Below: Adding incense sticks. Below: Adding more ingots and sticks with gold-color glitters; incense paper printed on one side with Usnisa Vijaya Mandala and other side with the 6 realms vajra mantra. Below: Adding a 5-color petals lotus to top it all. […]

新春迎/供财神 CNY Ushering in/Dedicating Offering to Fortune Deities

Terjemahan Indonesia: Tahun Baru Imlek, Memberikan Persembahan kepada para Dewa Rejeki Dear all, Please take note the Pure Karma will do offering to usher in Fortune Deities at Midnight for this coming Chinese New Year. Another session will be on 7th day of Chinese New Year to dedicate offering to Fortune Deities for Great auspicious […]

Pure Karma Charity – Medan, January 2015

Pure Karma Charity in Medan – Indonesia, January 2015 on behalf of His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Sheng Yan Lu. To: Panti Jompo Yayasan Guna Budi Bakti Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.14 Tel. 4142222 Tustel 23 Pengelola Rumah Jompo Kampung Besar Jalan Medan – Belawan Km.16 Tel. 6850590 Desa Martubung Kec. Labuhan Deli at IDR […]

神变:金刚铃杵 Transformation:Vajra Bell & Dorje

This is something new that was taught to me early this morning! I know how to use the Vajra bell & dorje to protect someone, and at the same time confine this someone with the Vajra bell to prevent this someone from harming others. **I would visualise dropping the Bell on this person and securing […]

Specials For 1-11-2014 HK Event

Because Attendee figures are low. Pure karma has decided to give away some specialty items we made, for the above event. 因出席人数低。净业将在此法会,赠送一些我们特造的供品。 目前:出席人数 -20 ;不出席人数:123 1. A great ocean size loving heart to engulf All. 一颗大如海洋的爱心, 能包容所有众生!  2. 5-colors flower ball as in picture.  5彩花球 - 如图 3. A sheet printed with dharma weapons. [not […]

GM Came Visiting 师尊到来探访

GM came in a cab with a few kids. The kids were playing a board game inside the cab and were happy and noisy. GM walked round and bless everyone in the sitting room as well as the dining room. This is the house of my parents that is a 3-storey corner terrace, with a […]

许个愿 Making A Wish

净业为何建议用以上的星星来许愿? Why does Pure Karma suggests to Make Wish with this particular star? 它有殊胜的[佛顶尊胜陀罗尼]。 Its printed with the amazingly wondrous [Usnisa Vijaya Dharani]. 翻过来,它有8个角度, 用以比喻[ 8正道]! When turned over, it has 8 corners or angles, use to signify [ Noble 8 Fold Path]! 再者,在中央形成风轮,用以比喻 [法轮无尽的转动]! Moreover, at the centre it has a shape of a […]