Black Magic?

2004. I had very high fever and warded upon seeking medical aid. Many tests were done to determine the cause of this fever, but no conclusive evidence of any culprit! I was placed in isolation in case what I have is contagious. I had 4 different antibiotics given to me via mouth and intravenously. Around […]

Aura & Mindset of Enlightenment

    The Human Elements   Extract:     Now my critic view:- There is still the very human element of pride and disgruntled sentiments well. He still wants and craves for material to sustain his status in the sentient realm. There is some thing fringing on ruthlessness too as if he wants to revenge […]

言亡慮絕 Speech Demise Thought Terminate

From Book 56. 大圓滿「立斷」Maha Perfection [Immediate Break Off or Terminate] Extract: This is the topic for Today’s speech in Rainbow Temple, Seattle.   在這當中的下手處,是先須用想,想到出現在面前,然後再用「智慧空」去把這出現的淨除掉,就可以變成不可思議的大用了,有了「大用」,一下子便可頓入佛果。 在頓入佛果的時候,便是「言亡慮絕」的「立斷」。   「澈卻」法修成,就是「言亡慮絕」,一切了了分明,不管在行住坐臥四威儀之中,常見不可思議的境界,這不可思議的境界,原是本性本如此,去除了愚昧,一切全顯出來了。 ~~~~~~~~~~ 8月10日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥於西雅圖雷藏寺主持同修【阿彌陀佛本尊法】,並開示【大圓滿九次第法】中,「澈卻」的四種瑜伽。 師尊強調此本尊名號第一字應該唸【阿】,而不是電影的中所唸的【喔】! 師尊透露: 【阿彌陀佛】是【無量光】、【無量壽】也是【大醫王】! 另外,聖尊開示【大圓滿九次第法】的【澈卻】(立斷)的幾項安住之法: 1、安住須彌:不動如山 2、安住如海:佛性一味 3、安住所顯:覺受安住而不動 4、安住光明:證《無自性》,萬事萬物一一分解,皆無自性,即得解脫! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 《佛学大词典》 言语亡、思虑绝之意。 为表现绝对悟境之语。 意谓该境界无法以言语或思虑加以分别。 言诠不及意路不到、心言路绝、绝言绝思、名言道断、离言绝虑、绝言离念、言语道断心行处灭等,皆与此同义,即表示第一义谛之境,非言说思虑所能及。 [成唯识论卷七、三论玄义卷上、中观论疏卷一末、大乘起信论义记卷中本] 《丁福保佛学大词典》 (杂语)言语亡思虑绝之意。与所谓绝言绝思,心言路绝,同义。 谓无言语可以谈,非思虑所能及也。 三论玄义上曰:‘诸法实相,言亡虑绝。’ 中论疏第一末曰:‘大乘实相,言亡虑绝。’皆其例也。 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Please do your own translation if […]

GM – Cultivate from Fake to Real 师尊-以假修真

  Above: GM Lu demonstrating the Mudra of Buddha Locani. 2015年7月5日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「大圓滿九次第法」-彩虹雷藏寺 Above: GM Lu demonstrating the mudra of Vairocana Buddha which is also form by Buddha Locani. From Thursday, July 5, 2012: 莲厨谈心 – 离开真佛宗,觅真佛! 简单的说:师佛讲 – 敬师 重法 实修 还有 观想 结印 持咒 就好。 一般都做不了! 看看各级同门 过灌顶幡就能一目了然! 大部份都忙著用手或手拿著一些他们认为很重要很需要加持的去 触碰灌顶幡! [[ From 1:56:39 of this […]

佛的脸-法喜充满 Buddha’s Face – Filled with Dharma Joy

      Link for Above Chart: 华严经 – 如来出现品第三十七 [4] 佛子!譬如世界将欲坏时,无主无作,法尔而出四种音声。 其四者何? 一曰:‘汝等当知初禅安乐,离诸欲恶,超过欲界。’ 众生闻已,自然而得成就初禅,舍欲界身,生于梵天。 [Stage One of Zen Meditation – 安乐 Secure and Joyful or Happy, leaving all Evil Desires, surpass Desire Realm or Karmadhatu.  Giving up Desire Realm form and born into Brahmakaya.] 二曰:‘汝等当知二禅安乐,无觉无观,超于梵天。’ [Without awareness or sight, surpass Brahmakaya.] 众生闻已,自然而得成就二禅,舍梵天身,生光音天。 Giving Up Brahamakaya […]

造塔功德不可思议 Merits of Building Stupas are Unimaginable

Terjemahan Indonesia: Pahala Membangun Stupa Sungguh Tak Terbayangkan Above: Stupas and lotus from incense paper printed with Usnisa Vijaya Dharani. The lotus that I offered at the local chapter is from only yellow coloured incense paper. The other coloured paper were printed in 2010, after I became ordained as reverend.  Chat:  See this people in […]

结界 Boundary Protection

Terjemahan Indonesia: Perlindungan Perbatasan Referring to the recorded sermon: 2015年5月30日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「大圓滿九次第法」-西雅圖雷藏寺 05/30/2015 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu   GM said that He don’t do Boundary Protection and there’s lots of ghosts in his house. Hahaha! When I started to lead cultivation in local chapters, I also informed the chapter’s administrators […]