Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Lotuschef in Contemplation – Cultivating or Not? [2]

These are regarding the wall behind the altar that has plenty of spirits residing there! ZZ: I can’t exactly put into words what I saw, but on the left side of Jingmu is a big guy looking at Jingmu’s direction.More on the left is a creature with an open mouth. On the right side is […]

Lotuschef in Contemplation – Cultivating or Not?

When then do you positively know you are truly Cultivating or Not? LC to AA: Why do you shut yourself in at least 5 times a day in cultivation? AA: I am very senior and from what you shared with me, I have a better understanding of what Guru is teaching us all along. I […]


Thanks to this student, I learn a new term today! Its also a wondrous New Year Gift for the recipient! Merci beaucoup! Motto Gracia! Domo Arigato! [Dearest Fashi, I am AA who is a bit silly, remember? I hv been practicing Vajrasatva sadhana since u represent Secun to teach us detailed ones at ZZ. Really happy to hv […]

51_Highest Yoga Tantra and Mahamudra – Nagarjuna

Terjemahan Indonesia: No.51 Mahamudra & Yoga Tantra Tertinggi – Nagarjuna Source: Grand Master Lu’s Book > 51_Highest Yoga Tantra and Mahamudra > 06: The Fourfold Mindfulness of Nagarjuna Chapter 06: The Fourfold Mindfulness of Nagarjuna The name Nagarjuna was translated into Chinese in three different renderings, namely Long Shu (Dragon Tree); Long Sheng (Dragon Prevailing) and Long […]

Glossary of Bon Buddhist Terms

Terjemahan Indonesia : Daftar Istilah Agama Buddha Aliran Bon Source: https://www.ligmincha.org/bon-buddhism/glossary-of-bon-buddhist-terms.html   Bardo (Tib: bar do; skrt: antarabhava) Bardo means “in between state,” and refers to any transitional state of existence — life, meditation, dream, death — but most commonly refers to the intermediate state between death and rebirth.   Bon (Tib: bon) Bon is […]