Lotuschef in Chat – Can we help this kid?

Read in Indonesian : Lotuschef Bercakap-cakap – Apa kita bisa bantu anak ini? Fashi dear,This evening when I was at my client’s premise, my friend told me that an old friend from the undergrad sends his kid to learn piano therein. However the kid is suffering from autism and is unable to talk. All he […]

Human Rights – Heinous Crimes to Minors – Prostitution [2]

Blue Elixir exudes healing and suppressing unwholesomeness of SELF! Children of all ages are kidnapped from their home towns or sold by their guardians to these organization and these happen even as we speak. This is another one that somehow uncovered by my friends. Children were transported to certain places in Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, ….. […]

Human Rights – Heinous Crimes to Minors – Prostitution [1]

These are some shocking information that were shared by friends. They also sent the evidences to Relevant Authority! While helping me look into my ex-spouse’s activities overseas, my friends came upon some shocking activities. Groups of professionals like medical practitioners, legal professionals, and those from all walks of life, booked “Honeymoon Vacations” to Thailand and […]

Who Committed Perjury? – Altering Court’s Orders.

  Please Help! [I really don’t understand this letter as there are no dates that state that the baliff will come what does he wants to seize and claim belong to him? He left in 6 dec 2005 and never return, we packed up his stuff and handed to him on 31 dec 2005. he […]

Lotuschef on Dream – Padmasambhava Mantra

Terjemahan Indonesia: Mimpi – Mantra Padmasambhava   [— BB: By the way, something to share. The day you guys sent me emails on making this mantra ….. I had an interesting dream that very night. I dreamt I was in a bamboo forest and the bamboo grows like a big panflute. Each Panflute bamboo is bronzy […]

Kebijaksanaan yang nampak gila – Menjadi Sang Matahari!

Ditulis oleh Lotuschef – 30 Oktober 2013 Diterjemahkan oleh Lotus Nino Sumber: Crazy Wisdom – Becoming the Sun! [Mengutip dari Wikipedia – Sun: Matahari merupakan sebuah bintang di pusat Sistem Tata Surya. Bentuknya hampir bulat sempurna dan tercipta dari plasma panas yang saling terjalin dengan medan-medan magnet. Diameternya sekitar 1.392.684 km, kira-kira 109 kali diameter […]

Lotuschef on Medium & Raising Spirits 跳乩啟靈

新加坡錦仙子跳乩啟靈起乩靈動訓乩崑崙山靈修2.MP4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfrDxvN0Pl4 I met Student XL in a local temple few months after I took refuge with SZ. He has the aura of a corpse. I remember Student JL said she saw him as a Skeleton! I have helped XL for quite some time, teaching him to Pay-back his karmic foes. After helping him send […]