Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

6-4-2013 Lotuschef in Chat – Guru’s Speech – Points Picked Up

wow! Guru gave another fantastic speech ! 1. Eating Meat – he said he don’t like Greens but Yellows!!! 2. Pure Karma of Speech mind & body 3. What is the main meaning of Kalachakra 4. He told the world that VM Chang Chi is the one that recommendsVMs n he just accepts the recommendation. […]

Lotuschef in Chat – Ignorant and foolish sentient beings?

莲厨谈心 – 无明或愚昧的众生? Link: http://lotuschef.blogspot.sg/2013/03/blog-post_31.html This is a newspaper article from the Sin Ming Daily of Singapore. Seems a fellow client at a local coffee shop sighted a nun in red clothes and two monks eating a dish called “Kway Chap” which is flat-rice noodle in sheets, served with assortments of pig’s innards in dark soy […]

有趣的凡人对话 Interesting Sentient Minded Dialogues Part 2

inquiry for translation 31 Mar 2013 Maman dear, Can you help with paraphrasing or rewriting this part: The student that brought up an issue alleging that TBS Admin is incompetence in “rehatching” Guru’s “ancient” article to illustrate a point. The sentence is somewhat incomplete. I get the meaning, but what’s with “to illustrate a point” […]

有趣的凡人对话 Interesting Sentient Minded Dialogues Part 1

These are extracts from Facebook which a student shared with me. I wrote some comments in English, a few days ago and they were deleted. To prevent the same from happening, I have decide to post the whole dialogue as articles in my blog to share widely. Please use google translate or other translation tools […]

Lotuschef Bercakap-cakap – Kemelekatan & Ekspektasi

  Ditulis oleh Lotuschef – 30 Maret 2013 Diterjemahkan oleh Lotus Nino Sumber: Lotuschef in Chat – Attachment & Expectation Di atas adalah patung Bodhisattva Maitreya di pintu masuk Biara Chung Tai Chan. “Buntelan Kain”-nya biasanya digunakan untuk menyimpan semua harta yang diinginkan oleh semua insan. Namun yang ini diletakkan di bawah kakinya. Artinya: Meletakkan atau […]

Kesetaraan – Singa dan Anjing

Ditulis oleh Lotuschef – 24 Maret 2013 Diterjemahkan oleh Lotus Nino Sumber: Equality – Lion and Dog Image © Finch & Co. Kesederhanaan adalah Kuncinya – Bunga Mawar yang Asli & Palsu. [AA: Hehehe aku juga berpikir sama. Singa dan anjing juga akan setara saat mereka dalam kondisi belum lahir atau saat mati. Lol] Tapi mari kita lihat pernyataan […]