Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Fire Puja 火供 20-10-2012 D

Offering of copy-writing Dharani in Dedication. We burn them with the incense Offering to City Deities, Earth Deities, and Homeless Spirits. These are incense offering, mentioned above.     ‘   That’s all for this session. There are about 400 photos and selected about half as they are real good. Do join us again! Om […]

Q&A 9 Steps breathing

On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 11:38 AM, …..wrote: Hi Fashi, Wanna ask about 9 Steps breathing. I have attached the picture. Hope Fashiunderstand ha7.. then have several questions to ask writtenly 1. Set 1 : Step 1 : inhale from right             Step 2 : inhale from left             Step 3 : inhale from both    Set 2 […]

Meskipun tekun bersadhana, masih juga tidak lancar 30-5-2011

http://lotuschef.blogspot.com/2011/05/30-5-2011-despite-cultivating.html Monday, May 30, 2011   Meskipun tekunbersadhana, masih juga tidak lancar Translated by : Lotus Junhao Teman-teman yang terkasih, apakah teman-teman juga termasuk dalamkategori yang sama? [Dengan memiliki] Harapan bahwa jalan kita menjadi lancardengan bersadhana – maka Anda dimotivasi oleh adanya hasil/pahala [daribersadhana]. Letakkan [harapan] tentang mendapat respon spiritualdan hal-hal lainnya, bersadhanalah hanya untuk […]

Memories of past Lifetimes?

Pure Karma J asked me last year, what I learned this life,can I still remember and use for next life? I ask him why he wants to know. His answer is if can’t remember and use then hewon’t bother to waste time taking self-improvement courses! Hahaha! I told him One Normally Can’t Remember stuff frompast […]

Pola Pikir – Masih Kurang Sempurna 9-1-2011

Pure Karma  9-1-2011Mindset – Imperfection Anotherstory of Monk AB. Hebuild a brick wall consisting of 1000 block of bricks. Asthis is his first attempt, he meticulously set the bricks and completed thewall in a few days. Thenhe scrutinized the wall brick by brick & he found two blocks not perfectlyset. Heagonized over this two ill-set […]


Pure Karma 9-1-2011I HATE MY JOB! GMtalks very often about the requisites of a cultivating yogi. Nowlet me share some interesting tidbits with you. Thisis experience of a monk, AB, he is now a very ‘sought-after’ learned person& recently came into Singapore to share Dharma. Oneof his tales goes like this… Heis staying with a […]