Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Pentingnya Melatih Chi (Prana)

Dibagikan oleh Lotuschef – 26 Juni 2011 Tim Penerjemah: True Buddha Foundation Translation Team Diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia oleh Lotus Nino Sumber: The Importance of Cultivating Chi Sumber artikel: Buku No. 154 – 智慧的光環 [Aura Kebijaksanaan], Bab 55, ditulis oleh Buddha Hidup Sheng-yen Lu Image © a5739james – Guru Melakukan Tinju Vajra BAB 55 – Pentingnya […]

Lotuschef at Play – Grievance Frequency at New High!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Lotuschef Bermain-main – Frekuensi keluhan yang sungguh tinggi! The Gold mani stone – my dear buddy, Ksitigarbha has one and the Sun is another! Emerging from a Golden Lotus of great luminosity, Karma is purified! Lets embark on our journey once again. Remember to bring Guru and your Noble 8 Fold Path!   A grievance is […]

Lotuschef in Conversation – Setting up Altar

Lotus W: Fashi do you have time to come my house to ann tang? Thanks W. [ann tang – means set up altar] LC: What exactly do you want to do? W: When I meet you at fire puja then I talk to you. LC: This Saturday don’t have. W: When is your upcoming puja? […]

Offering – Q& A

http://lotuschef.org/blog/2012/01/13/offering/ Dear Lotus Alex, Greetings! “ 7 sessions of incense offerings dedicated to Karmic Negatives” – lotus + Stupa + paper incense (True Buddha School – 9 types of paper incense. I also have a ‘mini-script’ . “Offering to earth deities” – What do they like? You offer what they like! [There are many types of […]

Kundalini – Triggers

{The kundalini can also awaken spontaneously, for no obvious reason or triggered by intense personal experiences such as accidents, near death experiences, childbirth, emotional trauma, extreme mental stress, and so on. Some sources attribute spontaneous awakenings to the “grace of God”, or possibly to spiritual practice in past lives. A spontaneous awakening in one who […]

Fire Puja @ Nirvana – Showers of light Orbs

These are taken at Nirvana during fire puja. Enjoy! There are more in Facebook from Lotus Helen. Amituofo Lotuschef Pure Karma Vihara True Buddha School