Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

师尊讲解 【无念】

有一個觀念,似乎很多人都想錯了–[六祖就講:「前念不生即心,後念不滅即佛」,這句話有人誤解。有人以為「前念」過去了,而「後念」還沒有產生,在這當中,就是佛性。 這是誤解,六祖不是這個意思。 六祖說,以前過去的,統統都過去了,不放在心上,後來的,你也不用去理會,這時候,沒有「前念」、「後念」,後來的也一樣會變成現在和過去,統統會滅掉,既然沒有「前念」也沒有「後念」,這時候才是佛;不是「前念」和「後念」的中間。 很多人都誤會了這兩句話。為了這兩句話,上下古今一直辯論到現在,不知真正的意義在哪裡,現在只有盧師尊知道。(眾鼓掌) 過去的,統統都過去了,後來的也會變成現在,然後,也會變成過去了,照樣統統不住於心,這時候,你就是佛。六祖講的是這個意思。(眾鼓掌) 也就是說,所有的念頭,都不放在心上,統統讓它過去;若你能夠將外面所有環境不住在心中,所有念頭全部過去,等於無念,這時候,你就是佛,這是六祖所講的.] 摘自<蓮生法王2011年1月22日台灣雷藏寺四臂觀音護摩大法會法語開示精要>

Fire Puja at Rainbow villa – Mahachakra

Today’s Principal Divinity is Maha Chakra. There are light orbs in the above photos. Study the crowd passing through the empowerment banners. How many truly have faith and trust in GM? How many truly understand how to let go and ’emptied’ self before receiving GM’s empowerment? When will fellow students follow GM’s instruction to [ […]

Autumn Bardo/Blessing and Brahma Event

Light orbs at top of this one. GM has yet to arrive. Light orbs here too. The shrine for Brahma’s ceremony and also Bardo and Blessing  ceremony. The large light orb is truly bright. The event was auspicious and all attendees got blessings and also empowerment transfer for Brahma. Amituofo Lotuschef Pure Karma True Buddha […]

Seattle before event

Terjemahan Indonesai : Seattle Sebelum Acara Dimulai   Fellow TBS students waiting for GM to come to lunch at TBS Big restaurant. Once GM appears, everyone started to kneel and greet him. Lunch was a big event too. Many students volunteered to help in the kitchen for a few weeks to prepare lunch and dinner for […]

Yet another saved by Grand Master Lu

Hi Fashi, Good day. Wish all going well. Attached is ……. latest result of thyroid test. T4 and TSH within the spec limit. Thank you GM blessing. Just wonder why today the doctor still ask her to go for iodine treatment.  She was given 3 months medicine to continue monitor. Cheer! Regards, Reply: best to […]

Wish Boddhicitta

Terjemahan Indonesia : Niat Bodhicitta   Hahaha! I am at it again! While at the airport this 12th August, fellow student who said he wanted to be a monk said he dare not go for ceremony of taking Boddhisattva precepts’  YET! Another quickly said that one should not do so because the penalties are great […]