Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H


Terjemahan Indonesia : Jodoh   From Facebook of  Aaron Fernandez Grand Master Sheng Yen Lu In my live I never met 1 Master who do not manipulated people I never met a master who do not lie to people I never met a master who is not arrogant and egocentric I never met a Master […]

皈依的口诀-皈依自性Password for Refuge-Refuge in Self

取录于师尊文集75, 真佛法中法。 The above is extracted from GM’s book No. 75. True Buddha Dharma within Dharma Summary: Refuge: refuge in, reliance, saving & transported. Namo = taking refuge Why take refuge? – In order to have a teacher to teach you Dharma & to cultivate GM believes that TRUST is the beginning of everything – […]

阿弥陀佛显现Amitabha Buddha appears

In GM’s book, Rainbow body attainment book 3, he describes when Amitabha Buddha appears, the “red” light actually consisted of Red; Pink & White. This is what I saw when Amitabha appears when I was doing Bardo. The First time was when I was helping a fellow Dharma student burn offerings to his karmic negatives. […]

灵界-幼儿之灵通Spiritual Realms-Spiritual Communication Abilities In Childhood

Have you heard that children can see spirits until around the age of 3 or thereabouts, then the ‘eye’ got shut? The girl, M, in power of mantra[please refer to previous articles] who has 3rd eye, on a study trip to AAA. She can see a greyish-green thingy crawling up her. Seems her ability from […]

灵界- 睡眠不足Spiritual Realms-Lack of sleep

We have shared some reasons for lack of sleep. Some are disturbed by spirits who are karmic foes like fetus spirits. Some get their Life Essence stolen from them when they are asleep, resulting in their behaving like zombies in the day.[GM’s article on Stealing Life’s Essence – share in this blog earlier]. Some kept […]

净业精舍Pure Karma Vihara

Dear all The above is set up by me with name of Jingye 净业 gifted by GM back in August 2010. From July this year, Jingye will have a base station in Singapore at #03-03 Lipo Building, 621 Aljunied Road & Malaysia at 78 Jalan Pulai Perdana 11/1, Taman Sri Pulai Perdana, Johor. Contact Singapore […]