Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Pure Karma Medan 8-6-2013 H

Pentingnya Melatih Chi (Prana)

Dibagikan oleh Lotuschef – 26 Juni 2011 Tim Penerjemah: True Buddha Foundation Translation Team Diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia oleh Lotus Nino Sumber: The Importance of Cultivating Chi Sumber artikel: Buku No. 154 – 智慧的光環 [Aura Kebijaksanaan], Bab 55, ditulis oleh Buddha Hidup Sheng-yen Lu Image © a5739james – Guru Melakukan Tinju Vajra BAB 55 – Pentingnya […]

Guru on Switching Elemental Planes

2012年11月17日聖尊蓮生活佛開講「喜金剛法要義」-台灣雷藏寺 http://vimeo.com/53733059 11/17/2012 The Hevajra Practice by Grand-Master Lu – Taiwan Temple In Guru’s speech today, he talks about blessing an old lady student, helping her to clear her karmic negatives. This student has not been sleeping well for a long time. Reason being she has a “snake spirit” attached to her, and stealing her […]

10-Nov-2012-Pure Karma is Celebrating Medicine Buddha's Day

  Dear all, 10-Nov-2012, Pure Karma is Celebrating Medicine Buddha’s day with a Fire Puja. Anyone wants to sponsor a cake for the occasion? Please contact asklotuschef@gmail.com before the 7-Nov-2012 for this offering or later for other sessions. We also welcome sponsorship of dried goods like herbs, tea leaves, flowers, biscuits, 5 colored beans, rice, […]

Fire Puja 火供 20-10-2012 D

Offering of copy-writing Dharani in Dedication. We burn them with the incense Offering to City Deities, Earth Deities, and Homeless Spirits. These are incense offering, mentioned above.     ‘   That’s all for this session. There are about 400 photos and selected about half as they are real good. Do join us again! Om […]

Fire Puja 1-9-2012 [3]

Enjoyed the photos? Cheers all Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom Lama Lotuschef

Jakarta Event – Fire Puja 21-7-2012

These are more photos for the event from Lotus Raymond. Enjoy! more from : https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/101540560504703994603/albums/5770997301472637521 Cheers all.