Our Root Guru


Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Sheng-yen Lu

About Living Buddha Lian-sheng


Living Buddha Lian-sheng, also revered as Grand Master, is the root lineage guru of True Buddha School. His emanation is from Mahavairocana to Locana to Padmakumara. Grand Master holds lineages from the Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

He is a prominent religious figure throughout the world. As of 2006, over 5 million people have taken refuge in his True Buddha School. With over 300 chapters worldwide, the True Buddha School is recognised as a major component in Buddhism today. Living Buddha Lian-sheng has written over 220 books in Chinese on topics such as Tantric Buddhism, Geomancy, Zen Buddhism, and Taoism. Many of these books are now being translated into English and various other languages.