MRI & Me [3]

In the ward, 2 more doctors came and check me out again with the same Eye routine! :)

Pain killers were ordered by each of them, increasing the potency to hopefully relieve my ache in the left side from hip to ankle.

The lack of sleep and the ache also sky rocketed my blood pressure readings!

Everything is not too fantastic!

I was also started on “Nil By Mouth” from 11.25pm, for the Fasting Blood Sugar and etc. tests.

So the oral medication for pain is as well as void!

I asked for injection instead but didn’t get any!

That contributed to the “Aging Overnight”!

The above is the result of withdrawing 6 tubes of blood from my right arm after the fasting! :)
Breakfast was a bowl of rice porridge and they gave me a cup of coffee with milk.
I request to have milk only as I do not drink coffee.

Hahaha! Now the interesting show starts!

The doctors’ round in the morning!

A senior female came with a group of doctors and medical students.
She is the 6th one that did the eye routine on me.
Then the Head, the Professor, joined in.

This female doctor really gave me a great shock!
As she gives my case history, she fabricated her own!!!

I gave case history to Polyclinic, A & E, and all doctors including her, very precisely as ache in left side for 5 days, causing loss of sleep cause me to seek medical aid.
The left eye “Laziness” has been for few weeks already, and this is also a recurrence as I had the same problem last year and eye exercises righted the “Laziness”.

Her history: patient came in with pain on left limb and we discover the left eye palsy…….

Quite a Fibber!

Then the Professor did the same eye routine on me, his is the 7th and the last!

He then proceed to give an impressive lecture and a Question and answer about there being 6 possible causes of the left eye palsy, a Problem with the 6th cranial nerve, to all present.

From this session, I noted that even the senior female doctor don’t have much to say or contribute to this topic! :)

The Professor also ordered MRI to be done with contrast for various location!
Then a Lumbar Puncture too!
And referral to ENT.
(This was somehow overlooked and on Sunday morning, the Professor came round telling me that I can go home that day but I have to return to see the ENT specialist and also the Senior Female doctor. Therefore I had to stay till Monday when they can arrange for me to be seen by the ENT people.)

Sometime after the round, a nurse came with a gauze pad cut in oval shape and told me the doctor ordered an eye patch for my left eye.
She is going to paste the gauze pad over my left eye and securing it with a length of micropore tape.

I refused this, saying I don’t need it!

Om Monday, after I informed one of the doctors that I want to go home and am not going to consult the ENT specialist as ordered by the Professor, the senior female doctor came around with a bunch of doctors and medical students.

The first thing she said to me was: Why are you not wearing the eye patch that I ordered?

AH! so this is the one that ordered an eye patch that I do not need at all!!!

To be continued……

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