MRI & Me [2]

Our polyclinics actually upgraded pretty impressively nowadays!
All one needs to do is to stand on the weighing scales with height measuring scales as well.
Your height is automatically scanned in and together with your weight, a printout with you ideal weight as per your BMI is printed!
Hahaha! As per this printout, I have to loose about 10kg, if I am to meet the “Ideal” weight standard for good health.

Above & below: From the site put in for the “dye” or contrast material for the MRI.

Above: This one put in at A&E after blood sample withdrawn for testing.

Below: This one from drawing 6 tubes of blood sample.

Below: This one for one tube of blood sample that they forgotten to order previously!

The above are the spoils of “War” sustained when hospitalised! :)

Needless to say there are multiple little “holes” resulting from Hypo-count 3 times a day on my finger tips! :)

Now lets proceed with the countdown to MRI! :)

On arrival at A&E, I registered and told to wear a mask so that I don’t pick up any and spread any disease.

AND there is approximately a 3 or more hours waiting time to be seen by the doctors.

I waited for about one hour or more for my turn to see the doctor at the polyclinic. See below. Its a printout of time of registration on arrival and an approximate time that I will be attended to by a doctor.

In total, roughly more than 5 hours has elapsed when I finally get attended by a doctor of the hospital.

Now, the same testing done to check out my left eye!
Hahaha! This one is the 2nd of the 7!

The doctor ordered Xrays for the Lumbar region; CT scan of brain; blood tests; ECG… and admission for further investigation and treatment.
He referred me to Neurology Department.
[ all test results shows nothing amiss except for Blood Sugar which is very high at about 16.5 percent

After all the tests, I was transferred to Room 15, the observation and waiting room off A&E.
I spent about another 5 hours plus here waiting for a bed in the wards.
Meantime, I went to buy some Panadol tablets and popped 2 at about 3:30pm. because the ache returns in earnest at about 2:30pm and the wait to consult the doctor is still at large!

I was informed by my friends that sometimes patient waits 2-3days before getting a bed in the wards!
A relative of the patient in the same holdup told me that waiting 8 to 10 hours is common, before one gets a bed allocated in the wards!

Anyway, a doctor from the Neurology unit came and check me out at Room 15.
This one is 3rd of the 7, who did the eye check routine!

A staff in charge of admission came and ask me whether I mind being allotted a corridor bed which is in front of the nurses’ station.
I said I don’t mind.

It took another 5 hours for this arrangement to materialised!

This bed is really right in front of the nurses’ station and along the one of the ward’s corridor in between 2 cubicles.
The noise is the problem, as the nurses works round the clock.
Another interesting contribution to the noise factor is the patients yelling and shouting for attention in the night.
One keeps saying she wants to pass urine, and I can smell urine from that cubicle where she is on my right hand side.

Another keeps scolding everyone in general!
So there were a Chinese as well as English & Bahasa orchestras playing through most part of the night!

With the ache returning to my left limb, after the previous dose of Panadol wears off, sleep is also impossible!

Another sleepless night, and when I looked at the mirror in the bathroom, I am shocked that my lids sacked and I have dark patch under both eyes, like Pandas!

O! This is what it is to “Age Overnight”!


To be cont’d……

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