MRI & Me [1]

The following are some pictures from MRI shared at this link:

I had a real life experience of this method of diagnostic examination.

Now read the doctors’ take in a letter to OPS Dr. for further management!

PS** I refused to play along anymore after going through all the tests that they ordered which I don’t much concur with! :)

I went to consult a Dr at the nearby polyclinic for a very irritating and wearing ache from the centre of my left buttock and tracing the outer side of my left limb to the ankle bone and also on the surface of the Left foot.
That’s after 5 days of sleepless nights trying to fight with this ache.
Medication: Panadol and Danzen, 2 tablets each about 5-6hourly whenever the pain surfaces.

At the polyclinic, I informed the doctor of the ache and also related to him that my left eye is somehow “lazy” for the past few weeks.

That triggered the catastrophe that I went through! :)

The doctor told me he is not interested in the ache in my left limb but the left eye!

He said it might be result of a stroke; tumour; aneurysm; …….
He started checking out my left eye with a set of “test” which subsequent doctors examining me carried out!
In total, I had this test from 7 different doctors including this one!

He insisted that I go to hospital immediately for further management.

I told him that I had a similar episode of this “lazy eye” in the left side and with exercises, the problem resolved itself!

He is just not interested but sent me to A& E of the nearby hospital!

To be cont’d……

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