Black Magic?

2004. I had very high fever and warded upon seeking medical aid.
Many tests were done to determine the cause of this fever, but no conclusive evidence of any culprit!
I was placed in isolation in case what I have is contagious.
I had 4 different antibiotics given to me via mouth and intravenously.
Around midnight, I woke up because my clothes were wet through, including pillow cases, blanket, and bedsheet.
Thereafter, the mysterious fever disappeared.
Upon discharge, the diagnosis stay as Fever of Unknown Origin.

I consulted an O&G specialist after a big blog of blood appeared in my toilet bowl.
Sent for scan in hospital and results were many cysts were found in my womb.
Went for second opinion, the ultra sound also concur with the one done by hospital. The doctor that I went for second opinion advised me to go for surgery the next day as it happens to be one of his operating day!

My mom who accompanied me, said to try TCM.
I started taking herbal prescription.
About 2 weeks later, while watching TV, watery discharge just pour out, wetting chair & floor.
I went back for ultra sound scan of my womb again after 2 months from the diagnosis at the same hospitall.
All the “foreign” stuff has disappeared.
I asked the doctor why in the space of 2 months, all cysts and tumors just gone.
He said he don’t really know the exact cause but sometime cysts do resolve themselves.
Think: What if I proceed with surgery of total removal of my uterus and ovaries?

These are what Black magic can make happen.
I knew someone who has signs and symptoms of renal failure but turn out to be false. A Tantric master said she possessed by spirit, and help her removed the spirit and she is alright and healthy afterwards.

Now, a similar attack of high fever occurred last year when I am visiting Jogya.
It also resolved quickly with fever medication.

The next one, my left eye somehow lost focus because pupil seem to be stuck and only can move from centre to right and vice versa.
I went to optician and the vision of each eye pretty close to my prescription glasses.

The double vision occurs only when I use both eyes to see.
So I started on a regime of eyedrops and Jinmu’s eye exercises.
The left eye gradually went back to normal function.

In early June this year, the left eye again misbehave!
My son noticed the pupil being “lazy”!

So I started the regime of exercises again, with eye drops applcation at regular interval.
However, a week ago, an ache appeared in the middle of my left buttock and span all the way down to my ankle, on the outer side of my limb.
This ache is irritating as its not sharp pain but naggy and comes on with the slightess change in position or just dig in at will.
I consulted with my TCM contacts, and started to take some detoxicating preparation.
I suspect viral origin!

After 5 days of sleeplessness, I forced myself to seek medical aid.
Doctor ignored my problem limb and said he is more concern about my eye which he said can be result of tumor, minor stroke, anuerysm …….
 Sounded scary!

I was referred to hospital for further management.

Doctors in the hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department has similar views as the polyclinic’s one.

So a chunk of tests were performed, like ECG, brain scan, xray, ……
All these tests turned up non indicative of the suspected illnesses.

Only blood sugar level was high at 13.3 and blood pressure 144/77.

But I was admitted for further management.

A series of blood tests, xray, a lumbar puncture, even a MRI for brain and lumbar region were carried out to find the culprit of this illness!

Now, Saturday, at 15.40 pm. Doctor informed me that they didn’t find any abnormality from all tests done do far.

They are ruling that the Diabetic problem is the culprit for my eye and nerve pain.

The black magic angle came to mind yesterday!

If so, the diabetic problem and hypertension will soon disappear too!

Lets wait and see! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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