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Now my critic view:-

There is still the very human element of pride and disgruntled sentiments well.

He still wants and craves for material to sustain his status in the sentient realm. There is some thing fringing on ruthlessness too as if he wants to revenge on those that cause him the immense sufferings.

When a person accepts ordination as a monk, he has already talked himself into Letting Go. This sentiment, I am afraid is not that easy to portray.

When a person has truly let go, there is a ease; peace; joy and a light shining from him. Have a good look at GM for reference.



Therefore the eyes should shine with Wisdom of understanding the Universe and what is Life & Death. The hardship and the motivation to push forward should not be there.There should be an inner peace that one has renounced the sentient world and all its tentacles.

He should be smiling and sharing happiness around instead of such a sorrowful and helpless plus hopeless expression.When one renounce the sentient world, meaning nothing can cause him happiness or unhappiness. 
One stays unmoved by environmental factors and merge into Universe or Nature.

Dear all,


A person’s aura just somehow cannot be truly camouflage with Superb Acting skills.

The lyrics shown : 悟性 悟觉 悟空 心甘情愿

Realised nature, senses, void, One’s heart does it willingly.
悟 = Realisation or Enlightenment.

Well, thats one angle only! :)

For actors & actresses, they have to put themselves into what is required or written in the scripts or merge into the story, WITH their own portrayal.

Most important, they must make sure Audiences buy their playing true to the part given; and most of us are sentient beings and easily accepts the Hardships portrayed, because we have yet to be enlightened. :)

If he acted full of joy, then audiences might think he plays false to his role, agree?

If we be critical – the lyrics for realisation of nature, senses, void, One’s heart does it willing?
Remember a factor of Enlightenment GM shared 无心道人 A Practitioner of Dao or Path, without a Heart?

Is there a Heart for the Enlightened?
Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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