GM – Cultivate from Fake to Real 师尊-以假修真


Above: GM Lu demonstrating the Mudra of Buddha Locani.


Above: GM Lu demonstrating the mudra of Vairocana Buddha which is also form by Buddha Locani.

From Thursday, July 5, 2012:

简单的说:师佛讲 – 敬师 重法 实修 还有 观想 结印 持咒 就好

一般都做不了! 看看各级同门 过灌顶幡就能一目了然!

大部份都忙著用手或手拿著一些他们认为很重要很需要加持的去 触碰灌顶幡!

[[ From 1:56:39 of this
see how many really heed GM Lu’s teachings of Mudra, Visualization & Chant Mantra! 
Hehe! Yes! This is from this morning’s session in Rainbow Temple, Seattle.
How sad to see students include ordained personnel  plainly or blatantly ignoring GM Lu’s teachings!!! ]]





Below: Even a yellow-collar, VM, demonstrating the same! :)

See from all the above screen-captures how many of the Ordained walk through the Abhiseka Banners extremely preoccupied with touching the banners with whatever they think needs “Blessing”!


Above: See one reverend keeps touching the banners on the right side?

Below: Lay students following suit! :)


师尊说过:让佛入住你的心轮!佛怕冷吗?:) 不是!

要以佛找佛! 以佛牵佛!以假修真!

[To employ Buddha to seek Buddha! To have Buddha leading Buddha! Cultivate from Fake to Real! ]

佛在心中时, 你只要念师佛心咒就会从心轮散发无量的光芒与众生分享!普提心的法布施!


This is part of the speech shared this morning only.

Go enjoy the whole speech and also watch for yourselves what all grades of Students are doing and have been doing and most likely continue to be doing, against GM Lu’s teachings. :)

AND I have shared similar concepts in articles too, the one quoted here is from way back in Thursday, July 5, 2012.

Hahaha! See? An Ordained personnel must not LIE!
Sharing Authentic Dharma, One is then a True Yogi and True Reverend!

Now, Who lied and continue to do so too?
Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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