Is He, Your Guru? 他是你的师父吗?


The above: His Holiness, White Padmakumara, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Grandmaster Lu Sheng Yan.

Question: Is he your Guru?


Why ask?

Well, recently someone told me that some TBS’ VMs stopped all English Language Cultivation Session in their chapters, without giving a reason for doing so. :)

Now: What is GM’s Lu stance on Dharma Propagation in Languages other than Mandarin?

O! Some chapters in UK, Canada,… outside Hong Kong, uses Cantonese in Cultivation too!

Let us recap on GM Lu’s speech recently, in that he Clearly define the “Alone on the Moon” concept!

Buddha Dharma exist when there are Sentient Beings “In Need”!

Recall too that GM Lu said he likes Indonesia and will “Come Back Again” and be born in Indonesia!

GM Lu has long stated that he would like to propagate Dharma in various languages, in so doing, reaching out to More sentient beings.

Thus, the Language Hindrance is to be removed!

More will benefit from Buddha Dharma!

What a shock that instead of reaching out to the Non-Chinese Language tuned population, some bright spark went against GM Lu’s instruction and Terminated all English Language Cultivation session!

Read article from this blog regarding “Against the Flow of Nature”?

Going against One’s Root Guru’s instructions is also similar to Against Nature!


A word of caution from my compassionate heart:
Whatever ARTIFICIAL HEAD-DRESS that you have on, don’t mean a thing compare to Absolute Adherence to One’s Root Guru’s instruction.
That is if you want to achieve Guru Yoga in Tantrayana!

In Tantrayana, One’s Root Guru’s statements are Absolute!
Just like our Buddha Nature or Dharmakaya!

First, ask yourself, who is your own Root Guru?

O! Think I am talking rubbish?

Up to you, your choice is ultimate in deciding your ultimate Fate!


Go do more research and compare teachings of various Gurus like Padmasambhava; Bodhidharma; … to GM Lu’s.
Why are they sharing the same concepts?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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