「邪教」的論辯 Debate on [Evil Cult]

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Remember: you don’t have to accept what Lotuschef shared, you have CHOICE!


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A person’s Religious belief not firm, or faith swaying, even start to believe and then don’t believe, this greatly due to lack of people to give them guidance.

In here, I have no formed viewpoint nor biased ones, I can supply people with a simple way of bright and pure path of faith/belief.



I said previously that,

against kindness practice is [Evil Cult];
killing or harming is Evil Cult;
directing pornography is Evil Cult;
teach gambling is Evil Cult.


I believe:


Harming others’ lives, or even harming own life, is one of Evil Cult’s characteristic. (This point most important)  二、擾亂公共秩序,破壞戒律法律,是邪教的特徵。

Create Havoc to Public order, destroying disciplines and laws, is characteristic of Evil Cult.


Hindering others’ kind or good matters, is characteristic of Evil Cult.  四、修行要愈修愈清淨,如果愈修愈煩惱,是邪教的特徵。(要改變修法)

Cultivation must be more and more clean and pure, if become more and more problems/suffering, is characteristic of Evil Cult. (Need to change cultivation method)


Desires or Cravings should become less and lesser, if become more and more, is characteristic of Evil Cult.


Only go for Fame, benefit, Material benefit as priority, only wants money, is characteristic of Evil Cult.


Need to enter door of religion, cultivate properly, adhere to Natural rules, these can be affirmed as not Evil Cult, entering religion’s door this way, can be said as Correct or accurate knowing or recognition.

The above is GM Lu’s views on Evil Cult.

Use them to check against Self’s mindset and move away from Evil Cult. :)

O! Your best choice is to follow GM Lu’s or your Root Guru’s instruction and practice too!

When GM Lu said he Vowed not to sue, slander, hurt, … anyone; your wisest choice is to follow suit! :)

AH! You instigated or joined the Legal Battle against Admin’s choice or pick of “ENEMIES”?

Remember my sharing the “Law of Nature”?

Remember GM Lu said that “Understanding fully about Karma, One is Enlightened”?


No action needs to be taken against ANY PERCEIVED ENEMIES!

These are only your very own Manifestations in attempts “To Hold on to your sentient possessions” Only!

See how GM Lu has tried to SAVE you from being “Evil Cult”?

You have also hindered Dharma Sharing from Lotuschef and many others too!

Now: How much of True/Authentic Buddha Dharma have you truly “Acquired”?


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

Lama Lotuschef

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