Void actually becomes Infinite, unlimited, immeasurable!


A: after reading some of the materials, i realise that many people practising vajrayana do not understand the basic principles of what is being required

7/28/14, 11:40 PM

B: ya. 4 noble truths to start with n will carry them all the way to nirvana
7/28/14, 11:41 PM

A: your job is a tough one!

B: no one heard of it, when I asked
Tough? no la. its fun! cos I know the trick to transform mah

A: against the core who subtly yet obviously are deviating the true teaching from GM
agree ah, actually it goes back to the affinity of the related person to help

B: Help? wrong word to use!

its all personal karmic influences n nothing to do with Help!

I said I will only help those that Help themselves. Same principle! Karma of their own!

look at GZ now, they ousted themselves bcos they are overtly smart n Calculating!

Lets see whether they will wake up n submit their comments for assignment 3.

This one needs Depth that all of them lack!

Assignment 2, already most dropped out! hehe!

this type of mind training really most can’t take it.

round 1 still lots of them write in, but round 2, face; pride; ego; got hurt in round 1, so best to keep quiet! Keeping quiet got them kick out!

remember GM said his thubten guru told students that GM is bad to help GM get rid of some useless baggages!

look like this round. GM is doing just that with PK’s regulars that are not diligent n wasting my time!
hehe! Funny!
7/29/14, 12:39 AM

Don’t forget to spend time figuring Assignment 3, though

7/29/14, 7:23 PM

A: yes, i will do that
reading other materials in betweeb hehe

B: GM sets 3 assignments for a specific purpose! some already gave up! like Y giving excuses she don’t know n lazy

many of the rest also no show in assignment 2.

after assignment 3, not only GZ but others will understand what is GM doing liao

D’s 2nd attempt also wrong topic.

hehe! it is for a good purpose, wont lost la.

SA also didn’t take the assignment seriously!

A: you can’t answer a test in the school by saying: i’m sorry, i have no idea what this is all about
even your teacher will scold and laugh at you la

B: worse is C that threw a chunk of big stuff to bury BB!

i didn’t scold or laugh at them, SA I mean.
7/29/14, 7:31 PM

A: i’m referring to Y

B: L answered questions with more questions!
7/29/14, 7:31 PM

A: at least she should try

B: yup!

W did only 2, but she is humble n want to learn

our T is so snobbish thinking he knows liao.

& I am watching crime dramas waiting for 1 august’s dateline

at 00:00 hours on the 1st august, the assignment thingy comes to a close.
7/29/14, 7:35 PM
A: relax time after a week of energy exhaustion

B: will not set anymore till further instructions!

no la. I am recovered liao, after few hours of sleep.

A: hehe. 3 filtering assignments
i will translate into bahasa first

B: yes! filter or screen

hehe! the first one tells GM that almost all don’t have a little of the required fundamentails!
7/29/14, 7:38 PM

A: is this time referring to “period”?
because it’s a bit different in bahasa

B: 2nd one tells GM these students are just bluffing all the way n not willing to do research to learn the Right way

not really. it is a stage in cultivation or level not really period.

A: ok, so i will let the bahasa readers comprehend by themselves

B: read the english question
yes! if I tell you then no point for you to do liao!

B: time
时间, 时, 时候, 时刻, 期间, 期

期间, 期, 时期, 周期, 时间, 时代

时间, 期间


i was thinking of time, period, frequency, timing by the time i read that

B: hahaha! it is usage that make them different

so best do not ask me further

A: ok, i will let them comprehend by themselves

B: good! Affinity n karma determine their knowledge, my dear

D has completely no idea bcos this topic has great depth.
7/29/14, 7:43 PM

A: ok, so the question should be:

At what stage in cultivation is the Time considered Essential?

is the sentence construction correct?

B: or Essence – both are nouns, not adjectives


A: ok, so it refers to the chinese sentence

B: Time is a noun or form

dont bother about the chinese, just translate from english.

at what stage or level in cultivation is TIME is considered Essence or Essentials?

A: ya, i was thinking of that

missing one to be

B: ok. just translate n not elaborate. else you give away your view of the topic

A: yep, the sentence is now clear

B: our T sent in his comments for [3].
7/29/14, 10:22 PM

A: hehehe. sent you my input as well
7/29/14, 10:31 PM

B: read liao & also comment liao
7/29/14, 10:44 PM

A:i hope my input won’t consume your time hor
you can rest and relax

B: :). No I want the luxury of being LAZY!

7/29/14, 11:18 PM

A: merci beacoup for the feedback
7/29/14, 11:30 PM

B: u are clearer now n can express yourself better with Facts?

A: this is really has to be well understood by experience

B: yes! if you don’t cultivate properly, you can’t answer part two well!

can say that you can void all & in terms of TIME, u can cross the universe with One thought, so how to measure TIME? or even Distance travelled or Speed?

GM said: One thought n I get to go where I wanted to

hahaha! No one can measure a Buddha or affix any forms of measure or gauge!
7/29/14, 11:38 PM

A: very true
7/30/14, 12:18 AM

B: well, cultivating with true knowledge of what you are doing is therefore very important
7/30/14, 12:19 AM

A: i agree, it sets a clearer path from the start

B: thats why, this assignment is easy for those who knows what they know from the start n not those bluffing their way thru
7/30/14, 12:24 AM

A: yup

B: Whats these 3 Assignments For? this one states why they are out

E submitted one today

for question one: Time is limited for all in this lifetime, therefore should grasp every second to free self from Samsara n if possible free as much beings as possible too!

people must treasure Time too as they have a Good Guru, also a Living Buddha!

so those that didn’t do well in [1] n [2], really hard to answer [3]
7/30/14, 4:42 PM

A: especially no [2]

B: next round you might not get a human shell or with a human shell you won’t meet a Living buddha as guru to guide you
7/30/14, 4:43 PM

A: no [2] is supposed to be observed from the viewpoint of a buddha

B: ya lol

thats why I said, most were never OnBoard!

don’t share my comments with anyone. else they submit them n won’t be their own efforts!
7/30/14, 4:51 PM

however, remember that even spirits in Hell also can cultivate. GM wrote 1 article about teaching spirits to do 9-steps breathing!
so like the ponlop said: you need to participate, a good guide or spiritual leader, n the instructions

affinity with Buddha or GM!
7/30/14, 4:57 PM

A: yes, i don’t share them, let them do their own research and conclude by themselves

yes, participation

even mr chen also wrote that, it depends on yourself

just like what you’ve been emphasising

B: ya. what H did for [2] was terrible. copied just to submit something & well after closing too!

doing without sincerity n diligent effort from Self

A: this is interesting, from the silas of vajrayana:

103) If repetition is done without wisdom of sunyata and the repeater asks for siddhi, it will be a seed for a spirit, ghost, or worldly diety to come.

104) If repetition is done in a lustful mind, and the repeaters ask for siddhi, it will be a seed for a Yaksha to come.
mmmm no wonder when people who practise mantra recitation blindly, they don’t know who come to them

B: i think I talked about this before, Like attract like! same frequency

JC is a good example

A: yes hor
oh he’s the disciple of …..
wah you can see deeper, that he has an evil feel
but the expression of his face is making me a bit uncomfortable, i dont know why

B: the video has his aura changing with his speech n he pause to think. thus energy moves around

A: ah no wonder

B: this also applies to when you have No thought!

your firmness gives out only a shine but NO negative energy.

hui neng said : all thoughts are evil!

this is probably what he means!


when you break free n some how formless, thus others can’t read you!

A: i agree
your comprehension is amazing

B:Hehe! I am crazy, remember?
Lots of crazy stuff in my head too

A: accomplished people are usually labelled crazy

B: :-)
7/30/14, 10:20 PM

A: since they act in opposite of the norms accepted by the society

B: At least got ppl like u who knows! Hehe!

A: i read that when people cultivate tantra, they have to have the pride of the buddha
well you have displayed it

B: ???
the assignments are really lots of work!

W sent in another for [2]! even after I posted an article to all to stop
7/31/14, 4:25 PM

A: yes, time consuming even for a small number of people, can’t imagine if there are 100 submission

B: thing is you have to read & look for ANY hint that they really know what is asked!!!
7/31/14, 8:13 PM

another about 4 hours to dateline!

Yipee! Anything come after will not be read this time too!
7/31/14, 8:23 PM

all didn’t answer the questions but gave me a lot on cultivation!

when I asked in [1] & [2] on cultivation, nobody answer with these!

hahaha! GM knows that like Tok Chef, they really don’t have Harvard!

now the proved themselves as fakes or just didn’t pay enough attention!
7/31/14, 11:29 PM

A: haward

B: ya. now have more than ample evidence that most didn’t even know what they are doing all along which they claimed as Cultivation!

A: i read from the article of mr chen

he said, people cultivating vajrayana shouldn’t neglect the basics of hinayana and mahayana, otherwise it would be quite difficult to attain accomplishment in vajrayana

that’s why GM said that 9 yana has to master from the bottom

well if you say that many can’t even pass yana 1, it’s probably true that what GM has been teaching all these time are falling into nowhere

7/31/14, 11:58 PM

B: ya lol.

like all those VMs , GM has no choice to pronounce they can’t yoga

also GM stress that to cross yana 1, one should not harm anyone!

however, the whole jinx gang joined hands to “GET RID” of me!

all of them send in after 11pm. Y’s came in at 11:58pm!

N asked for more time!
8/1/14, 12:11 AM

too bad! Affinity!
u see all of them waiting till after 11 pm, its funny!
however, this round there will be no answers published too!
8/1/14, 12:13 AM

A: i bet so many readers are waiting to see

B: so please keep all those that I shared with you. they are not even close lol! 

really no need to spoon feed them as GM said. they grown too lazy n dependant
8/1/14, 12:15 AM

A: but yes, many readers are just in the “wait and see” mode without even wanting to try
yes, i don’t share them

B: its pass 12 MN, so thats it!

actually after [2], already know where most mindsets n IQ are!

non of them remember GM said to treasure the short Time we have Human Form to cultivate

most also didn’t treasure the time with GM, a living buddha, as a guru

of course, most also don’t know what they are doing which they called cultivation!

Hahaha! This is the END.

I will cancel the Ipoh event too!
not worth the long almost 3 hours ride from Kl to Ipoh!
Staying at home is more comfortable!
8/1/14, 12:21 AM

A: yes, long ride

B: I won’t agree to do anymore fire puja though. they need vajrasattva repentance more than anything

A: yes and learning some basic materials too

B: ya. GM said if I don’t feel good then really don’t go
anyway, awaiting GM’s new orders too
8/1/14, 12:40 AM

A: did you say something to the boss to amend his fate then?

B: nope. waste of time. the first time I tried to teach him to chant amituofo if not Guru’s mantra. he didn’t bother. Round 2, his aura worse, so thats it. No affinity yet.
8/1/14, 12:44 AM

A: ah no wonder, he didn’t bother to help himself

B:remember P threw 2 photos & ordered me to read them?
hehe! thats the end for her too!

A: yes ah

B: sent email liao
so sad too for so many of them.

but at least some of them do research and sincere in backing their comments with quotes. Others just submit to stay in my good books!

too bad. its their own welfare n nothing to do with me

this round, J’s was the worse.

answer for Q1 was diligent cultivation

Q2 was to read fluently all sutra books

scary too as his karma overtakes him

PKV side emails stop coming in liao
8/1/14, 1:05 AM

A: fluently???
oh no

B: hahaha! I can relax till next assignment comes in
8/1/14, 1:06 AM

A: if you’re fluent in sutras then time is not essential

B: he is talking rubbish n I can read ……
he think to throw rubbish to say like Q: I like, So what!!!
he has time to resubmit but didn’t bother

all of them waiting for hints to be publish too! hahaha! comic
when u can’t answer the previous assignments, u won’t easily get thru to do [3] at all!

A: very much interrelated, i know if people don’t put efforts in studying buddhism, these kinds of questions are very difficult to comprehend

B: no foundations at all! so how to preoceed?
ask GM to bless them all the time?
ask me to do so too?

A: funny, like the one i just read:

Question: Somebody told me they got twenty initiations from Karmapa. What good is this?

Answer: Yes, I have gotten more than five hundred initiations from many teachers. But if you do not change yourself, what is the use?

from q&a with mr.chen
8/1/14, 1:20 AM

B: hahaha!

A: what an honest statement

B: the operative here is “did you really get the ANY?”

like those that passed under the abhiseka banners weekly, do they really get ANY?

Don’t meet criteria, you don’t get any!

i was chatting yester morning with GM on a pretty cute topic about #2 n ganz. still pondering on how to share it
8/1/14, 1:26 AM
A: brewing

B: heh!
i am working well at home without spectacles
my left eye seems to have adjusted back liao
8/1/14, 1:42 AM

wow! caught up with avatamsaka sutra. still on exploits of sudhana.

another 11 chapters to go & complete the 80 chapters of this sutra liao.

hahaha! This is a real big project

hows yogi chen thingy coming along?

best share then  many can get some time to read it

then can discuss over Tea & cookies lol
8/1/14, 7:54 PM

A: oh sure
i will send some of the links there for supplemental reading
i will send the links for supplemental reading

B: After the assignments, it’s a blood bath! So many really don’t know what is Cultivation!

Vows at refuge n most of ganz took bodhisattva vows too
8/2/14, 1:21 PM

A: 「南無密栗哆。哆婆曳娑訶。」

B: All for show.  really don’t have the relevant mindset n knowledge

A: “Namo Miliduo Duoboyi Suoha” (Pronunciation: Namo Milituo Tuopoyi Suoha)

ah yes

i would really recommend others to read the basic foundation of bodhicitta from mahayana first

B: Yup. Correct.

Hahaha! Even refuge vows also don’t know!

A: 以下是蓮生活佛盧勝彥文集第40冊:



B: Cultivation is the major factor in all 3 assignments and all shown that they really don’t know.

Why don’t u go post an article with these

A: okay, there is the bahasa version as well
i will translate the above into english too
will take care of the above

B: I do the translation into english & you go do the bahasa version later, OK?

A: okies

B: doing now. what is a good word to use for repaying parents efforts & care?
chinese is 恩 – means kindness mercy
should i use gratitudes?

A: yes kindness is the word
kindness and nurture
many articles use “the parents’ kindness”

B: i did it with gratitude liao

A: also ok
the pointing out has been updated as well

B: thanks

A: this is just crazy:http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-28600097
i mean the split of the whole road!!! unimaginable

B: if understand the Pointing out, then most will cultivate well too

A: condensed keys are quite difficult to comprehend mostly

but guru rinpoche said: “it is easy to comprehend”

i was thinking that my brain must be downgraded somehow lol

B: looks like have to do charity bardo again!

actually when u gradually change your mindset to benefit all, you are cultivating WELL liao. then you will understand padma guru’s condensed keys!

GM also gave condensed keys, thats why most still feeling in the dark but pretend to know n worse is they even show off something they don’t know n fake knowledge!

A: i’m having goosebumps watching the taiwan reporting
yes hor

B: watching too! scary, although death toll not real high, but bad enough

A: yes, the pipeline under the road
the blast spanned the whole 1 km

B: scary. when disaster happened, then people wake up n do something!

this is a ticking time-bomb!

i am sure other streets same as this one in the city n other cities too

A: yes
with one earthquake, it is very easy to get a random leaking

B: the mantra somehow came into mind & I was chanting silently when in sleep!

hehe! GM reminds me to remind all to chant this mantra!

been too busy with the ancestors offering n bardo thingy, then the assignments!
plus my regular homework!

fortunately, GM reminds me!

posted the blast news too!
8/2/14, 2:36 PM

at the time of blast, I was waiting for the assignment [3]’s closing.
8/2/14, 2:39 PM

A: oh

B: i just did a live recording of cultivation. going to burn the incense liao!
whole session is only 45:20 minutes.
really reluctant to go grp cultivation

too time consuming. hehe!

see u later! Go burn incense liao


B: done liao
8/2/14, 4:27 PM

A: i will transfer IDR ….K to BCA to sponsor for the incoming bardo deliverance ya fashi

B: ok
8/2/14, 4:50 PM

A: our WH is quite good and really trying to his best.

only need to change mindset n outlook, n he will do well!

at least he bother to go do research!
8/2/14, 5:22 PM

A: yes
i will add GM’s pronunciation in the bahasa article as well ya?
so it’s easier to access


as you please, your royal highness.

A: i’m just a small boy ah

B: hehe!
dont want ice cream! I want milo, icy cool milo

today is 7th day of 7th month – chinese valentine’s day
8/2/14, 6:56 PM

A: hahaha
so much loveeeee

I am happy without all those love love thingy liao!
all won’t last anyway!

A: it is the chains of love and feeling among people that are not so easy to dissolve

B: ya. lol. so best to steer clear liao
like the ppl trying to sink claws into me! hehe!
GM rescued me!

I am SIX today!

8/3/14, 12:00 AM

[Took Refuge on 3 August 2008]

A: happy happy birthdayyyyy


GM stressed on Saturday’s speech “Cultivation” again

and these people can’t answer questions on Cultivation! how great!

8/4/14, 11:16 PM

A: a bit disheartening if they really don’t have any idea about cultivation

sometimes GM teaches easy stuff to certain people

who don’t know much about buddhism

B: ya. Disheartening! same word in my mind too just now!

I admitted to GM its my fault for being too soft hearted!
giving them so much time n trying my best to nurture them!
it doesn’t pay to be too nice!

the Don’t know Act Know! thats the worse lol!
too busy watching others n trying to mimic n show off they are better!

A: that don’t know acting like knowing is the worst part, kinda dangerous at some aspect

B: scary! & Q even goes around acting she knows all n teaching others what to do & then she says : Fashi said…….

thats how dangerous Q is!

A: yes, can feel that

B: then F repeat my words too, right after i said something
right in my presence too!

A: hmmm you can see a lot of people’s characters hor so far

B: It’s no fun to see these scary ppl n their selfish deeds
All out for self
My compassion n equality have to fine tune! 

Cos lots of ppl like to be slaves!
No kidding!
Best u think for them lol.

read l’s email on the home?
most people will ignore the failures n build new!

I think ppl should go find out what went wrong n make a success of the old before starting out a a new project!
8/10/14, 5:58 PM

A: l has a good heart but she needs to improve the wisdom side
can’t just say that despite the problem or cheating, i will keep supporting the good cause

this is like giving fuel to the fire when one knows that the fire can burn the whole village

i was once like her, trying to be just good, but ignored some underlying problems

B: In here, Identifying the GOOD cause is the problem!

many claimed the Home will be good for many! it turns out a flop n waste lots of resources!

the Literary centre, they have to force GM to go there on the 1st sunday of every month to draw people there!

A: what a weird management

B: then they sell, all blessed by GM, to sell their wares!

A: wrong from the start then

B: yup!

A: with a careful planning, they should do good, the solution in your writing is clear

B: Once the place is built, M HQ dictates that all old folks need the sunshine n being near nature. so every morning go exercise by pulling weeds !
then other programs all force upon inmates!

who wants to pay n stay there?
Free also must think twice!

A: yes ah!

B: A person that says I do already n I don’t care how they use the money I donated!

this one is definitely not able to take control of own’s destiny!
Therefore GM stops me from wasting time with a group of people that won’t change their mindsets

i am a naughty old lady, u not scared?

A: it seems everyone in this world has known and labelled you for being naughty old lady
making tbs admin unable to sleep soundly

B: well? if they are goodie good, then no need to fear me!
frail old lady cant get violent lol! hehe

we see also how ppl reacted to my shutting them out

instead of blaming me for being unreasonable, its high time ppl realised what fools they are in not cultivating while I am around to guide them personally!

A: nah

ZZ said, she was so inspired by the assignments

because she didn’t have any idea on how to answer them, she now reads the basic from the very start again

B: hehe! not everyone has the affinity to appreciate my way of education!
8/10/14, 11:35 PM

A: i said that it’s good that instead of being angry, you can channel the curiosity into studying the material

B: they have shown that I am wasting my time, & GM pulled my out!

A: hahaha
when all other ways have failed
that will be the last resort to make them aware

B: cannot ask questions too!

Ego & Pride to show others they are more superior! so can’t accept that they don’t even have the very basics for cultivation!

assignments was a great wake up that not all appreciate

A: hmmm still so many love to feel superior above others, i don’t know why
superiority has to be shown with true accomplishment and not a single thing for self
that’s why it’s so hard for people to get this idea

B: GM said something like these last Sunday!
Mostly not what you think but what others unanimously agree or experienced before
like Yoga, can’t bluff

A: yep

B: u see the Tok chef, busy wasting his time to hammer me!
what a great waste of precious time n showing his stupidity

that level of intelligence, real pitiful lol!
he don’t know what he is doing harms himself only

showing those with true wisdom how dumb he is
that has to be the masterful n power n $ hungry people like ##

A: yes, very stupid
not liking you can be expressed in a more buddha-ly way lah, as the same students of buddha

some people’s IQ and EQ are too obvious to see

B: NO! They need to get rid of me bcos I am lawless!

A: the law unto oneself hahaha

B: I also don’t bother about them n their stupid antics

actually from assignment one, we can see most have No Foundation
then went all the way out to hit at BB!


after realising that we can’t judge BB, assignment 2 also didn’t do well!

most didn’t bother to submit their views on a Gem of True Buddha, shared by GM!

[3] can be easy if they understand that TIME is a commodity with Limits!

But when you “Arrived”, One can Time travel or play with Time, and it no longer has importance liao!

not the become buddha then Time n everything is VOID!

hahaha! Thats what … wrote too!

The Key for Time in [3] is Essence

there is no absolute void !
8/11/14, 12:39 AM

A: three pillars of time merge into one and are accessible
because there is Boddhicitta which can be transform infinitely if there are sentient beings in need.

all elements can be manipulated at Will!
8/11/14, 12:41 AM

B: all things are control by you, then Time is no longer an essence or something essential

just like cooking, it is only one ingredient only. you can also don’t add it in!

now you have the Full answers to both questions in [3]

so its Demand & Supply that determines whether Time is essence or not! Hehe!

If i explain clearly again, people will continue to be lazy n reliant

but from the Void theory quoted by most, shows that they quote without understanding the Questions!
8/11/14, 1:15 AM


the manipulation at will
8/11/14, 1:56 AM

B: hehe!

A: and that demand and supply, very makes sense

B: life is short, so cultivate. Time is a limited essence.

but when you can yoga n Reaches GM’s stage, you have all the time at your disposal! u can live as long as you wish too!
8/11/14, 1:58 AM

A: yes, it clearly explains “with only one thought”

B: ya. GM said something about 3 times means many many, countless

Void actually becomes Infinite, unlimited, immeasurable!

so when you answer Void means Time is no longer an essence, because like other forms, everything don’t exist liao— this is still very sentient. to them Void means empty liao! Hahaha!

therefore must listen to GM attentively
8/11/14, 2:07 AM

A: yes hor, filling the whole space infinitely and penetrating all aspects
very true

just like the concept i read in the Non-Death Yoga article from mr.chen, he said that:

The ten Dharmadhatus are based upon the background of three principles: 

Materialism, Spiritualism and Non-duality (birth, death, spiritualism, and materialism are identified and harmonized).

wah, you both gave me important concept and clarification

B: as GM said, Enlightenment can’t tell bcos ppl won’t understand n then they scold u.

Depth is not for most! No efforts ploughed!

how many truly spent time to go read Yogi chen’s articles that we shared?

all waiting for me to explain to them

but explain also they won’t understand

like in plain chinese from GM, most also don’t understand

then they used their own interpretation n preach or force others to listen & take for Truth

NY commented on Void! and when I replied, she still argues on her views of Void!

however, without Yoga, Void is something elusive to most!
8/11/14, 2:44 PM

A: yes

reading about How Ascent Is Possible, it clearly requires Lightweightness, Equanimity (balance and equal), and also Warmth


B: hehe! With An Opened Mind! Thats a Key too!

A: i can uderstand that you got reprimanded and scolded by many people
out of nowhere and suddenly you shared higher concepts

B: Means: everything is possible!
sharing NY’s comments
posted liao about VOID! but withheld lots

A: got discounted a lot hehehe
but yes, readers need to plough some efforts to research the topic

B:u see lots of evidence of reliance all around, as if I owe them to tell them everything!

A: There are many hungry ghosts with human bodies. They have no Bodhicitta. Even in a spiritual organization, one can find several prominent hungry ghosts, whose wealth, knowledge, etc. is just for the glorification of their own ego, rather than sharing with others. This is the dharmadhatu of the hungry ghost.

so this is true lor!

B:well, One creates Heaven or Hell, all by One’s own choice

A: this passage is interesting, not many are aware of this point of view:

Bodhi-citta is a Sanskrit term which is borrowed from the one in the consequence position to be used as the one in the causal position. Bodhi-citta, means “an enlightened mind” or “heart” or “the final awareness wisdom of a Buddha who is in the consequence position”; yet it can be borrowed by a Bodhisattva in all stages of his development in order to imitate and practice it in the causal position. Hence, it is a most important term; every practice of Buddhism starts with it and aims at it.

B: wow! I have been harping Boddhicitta until ppl gets tired of hearing! hehe

O! the word Samkrit brought to mind a vision I had early this morning!

I see the sankrit words in rows upon rows all in medium blue light of our buddha nature


B: some vision!!!
these are dharani that I know that somehow flow from my Buddha nature!
hehe! like the true buddha sutra from GM’s heart

A: yes
there are some ppl, that think I am not willing to teach them deeper stuff too!
but, what to do? they don’t have the aptitude for such stuff!

A: oh well, it’s quite difficult to assess self level of cultivation
and then they’re asking deeper teachings hmmm

B: they wants to know what GM shares now! Hehe! But teach them already still can’t do!
from the start, the clearing energy, then the 3 deep breathing, jsut these simple steps also got problem to do well liao!

WHY? Because they think they will have great powers very fast by practicing these!!!

they have a preconceived idea of POWER! Hahaha! How sad!

A: duh no wonder, wrong from the starting point
they should read the philosophical aspect of buddhism again

B: will they?
most are too lazy lol
if they don’t put in effort to help self, there is nothing further we can do for them
8/12/14, 1:15 PM

I just caught up with GM’s speech on Saturday! Hehe! I click the Sunday one first lol!

This one has the Void & Existence that I wrote about on Monday! but already churning in mind for weeks!
8/12/14, 8:48 PM


one of the most difficult topic to explain

B: ya. thats what GM said! hard to explain Void & existence
Hahaha! I did a pretty good job explaining to you though!

problem is the listener have or don’t have the fundamentals to build on, agree?

A: exactly
what’s inside everyone brain is unique

B: so ppl sort of blame me for their own lacking! hahaha!

A: i don’t even know how to explain this concept to others

B: O! i thought u know liao! hehe!

A: because it’s like mathematics
yes but if i tell others

A equals B, but B equals A

in emptiness there is existence, and the otherwise
pretty difficult to go into details

B: GM said mara & buddha is One

A: that’s why i believe karmic influence does have big effect

B: & mara is not truly all bad!

A: i got to understand that during translating the back to basic serie 5

the self that expands through the whole universe, so this is existence but it undergoes impermanence because of being conditional

it is exactly how mr. chen explain the vajra love (yab-yum)

he said that bliss is there but without the accompaniment of sunyata, you will fall

B: so when you are a buddha, you can execute at will dependent on situational needs

A: true

B: time, like all other elements or conditions are just deployable or usable WHEN there is a NEED!

else Time is just like all other elements, not essential.
8/13/14, 12:09 AM

A: yes, because time explains why the radiance of the buddha pervades the three vectors of time, so it’s totally deployable

B: BUT! they are there when you want to use them! so how can all these don’t exist? hahaha!
8/13/14, 12:10 AM

A: hahaha yes
this dual nature isn’t easy to explain to people

B: just like stuff One puts into storage!
u draw upon them when there is need.
like the knowledge we acquired, also draw out when needed.
now I made it easier to understand?
8/13/14, 12:12 AM

A: yep
the very truth of all

B: when you said all no more liao! then you are wrong!

A: the universal storage is all there since beginningless of time

B: hahaha! but thats the mentality of Most, anyway!

A: all no more means falling into the absolute emptiness

B: realizing that Time like all else are there and infinite, is the main point
8/13/14, 12:14 AM

A: very nice statement

B: No absolute is just another Key to help one understand
u better learn to explain to others lol!
hahaha! when the need arises!

A: at least i learn from you on how to jot down into clearer fragments
there are many things in the brain, but when they reach the mouth or fingers, the ideas get stuck there hahaha

B: good! its easier to teach a few, n let them spread the teachings.

A: this is interesting, you’ve always been saying this:

the principle of Lightness in tantra is a bubble body of Yidam

mr chen’s writings are quite similar with yours

round ball shining with radiance

B: hehe! so I am not too far off too with yogi chen’s teachings
8/13/14, 12:28 AM

Hahaha! The Answers to Assignment [3]!!!
Now check out these too –

If you have been diligent and go study what GM has shared and also what Padmasambhava has shared, Guru or Yidam Yoga is just a thought away! :)

Assignment [3] calls for Application of your Dharma knowhow, but sadly most of you have none to draw and apply.
Let us all admit we have a problem and using the 4 Noble Truths, lets solve our own problem!
Let us all go back to study the Basics or Fundamentals and start out anew on the Bodhi Path. :)
Cheers all

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