On Your Own Steam 靠自己!



In a recent speech, GM Lu said for those who sponsored the Maha Chakra Vajra’s event, they build affinity with Sakyamuni & Maitreya Buddhas.

He told a student that has recently pass away from an accident to follow Sakyamuni to his pureland.

For those that had build affinity with Maitreya through today’s event, they can wait for The Dragon Flower’s 3 meetings, when Maitreya Buddha will descend and beam light from his heart chakra to shine upon all present at one of the 3 meetings.

This light cleanses or purifies the subject and the subject can go to Pureland.

This is not an ideal path for a truly sincere cultivator though! :)

As per GM Lu’s statements during the Maitreya Buddha’s Homa on Chinese New Year’s day, those that have lots of Karmic negatives will also be cleanse and send to Pureland!

Thus, it nullifies the need to cultivate and go to Pureland of your choice with successful cultivation and attainment of Buddhahood “On your own steam”!


Its another “easy way out” that most craved!

The point is: Are you a hopeless case that can’t do the necessary purifying and ascending to Pureland “on your own steam”?

GM Lu mentioned the importance of waking up too in the same session.
Please heed his advice although you detested my advising you to “wake up please”!


GM Lu also mentioned Light Orbs appearances and their significance!
If you didn’t pick that up, go listen to the speech again.
Cheers all


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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