Rebirth Mantra 往生咒 - 超度 Bardo Delivery

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This article resulted from walking through the Basic Sadhana of Cultivation devised by My Root Guru, the Living Buddha Lian Sheng, with some fellow students.

Sad to say that most students didn’t fully understand the Basic steps preceding the Yidam Yoga practice.
This is one of them that most didn’t bother or don’t exactly know how to do properly and thus not effective at all.

The results: The students get disturbed easily and with their imagination going wild, they fear everything and blame it on others or blame their gurus for teaching them something that is not effective!


Before you point finger at anyone next time, look inwards for the origin of all wrongs first!



12. 唸往生咒






9. The Amitabha Rebirth Dharani

The Great Sea of Deliverance Mudra

Form the Great Sea Deliverance Mudra (like forming the Vajra Mudra and you turn the fingers inside) and visualise Amitabha Buddha appears in the Universe.
From his heart chakra, a strong beam of pinkish light (combination of red, magenta and white) radiates and blesses all the beings you knowingly or unknowingly harm during the course of your daily activities.
These are animals like pig, cow, lamb, chicken, duck, fish, crab, prawn, ants, cockroaches; bacteria, virus, and so on.

Visualise their karma are cleansed by the light and their karmic differences are resolved (visualise they are hugging each other).

Afterwards, visualise them boarding onto lotus vessels and these in turn are transformed into golden dots of light forming a golden river, flowing into Amitabha Buddha’s Heart Chakra.

While forming the mudra and maintaining this visualisation, recite the following dharani:


In previous cultivation sessions, I shared the utilisation of Qi energy to move the small golden dots which are transformation of Dharma Vessels!
However, the efforts of students chanting this mantra with relevant visualisation as shared above are not effective.
The main reason is lack of Control of Qi energy from lack of practice of the 9-steps Breathing Technique taught by GM Lu.
The other is lack of visualisation “power”, also due to lack of practice.
Another is lack of sincerity of purpose!

With poor Qi Energy control, the Dharma vessels or golden dots of light moves slowly upwards and then they might drop down again due to lack of Qi Energy to power their progress to Amitabha Buddha’s Heart Chakra or Pureland.

I recalled a Dharma speaker, that is the Blue-collar in TBS, telling fellow student that he can’t do bardo delivery for several reasons! :)

If you visualise well the above method shared, there is no reason or excuse for claiming you can’t do Bardo Delivery!

Dear all, still remember that I shared with all the Bardo delivery method of forming White Padmakumara’s mudra, and using the left hand mudra which is the Lotus Dharma Vessel, place the subject (can be a dead cat or bird … ) that you chanced upon on your way.

Then you chant Guru’s mantra, and slowly raise your left hand with the formation of the lotus mudra, upwards. You can visualise that you handed the lotus vessel to Guru or if you can’t do so, just move the lotus vessel with the subject for delivery upwards.

You can chant mantra 7 times or multiples of 7 or 108 or more.

Then complete with the Completion Mantra and thank Guru and all lineage gurus & all divinities.

Your sincerity make this practice works!

This is a part of basic practice before Yidam Yoga, therefore, please do this well.

Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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