GM’s 3 Jan 2015 Speech


On Sunday, 11-1-2015, in Medan.

The topic of discussion today is GM’s 3 Jan 2015 Speech. :)

What are the topics shared by GM?

1. Dress code
2. Politics
3. Possessions

All the above and more, as view from the Impermanence angle! :)

It was fun to watch fellow students trying to recall the speech they tuned into that very morning, because I told them that is the one we are going to discuss.

We started with Sakyamuni Buddha’s clothing which consisted of ONE piece of cloth used to wrap around his whole body.
Of course with movement, this clothing will come loose and need to be re-wrap!
A student was asked to elaborate further on the clothing but brought up the head-dress instead.

Actually GM wants to tell us not to be too fixated or attach too much importance to what we wear!
Changes occur continuously and no point affixing Importance to any form of clothing or head-dress!

So those who think the VM’s dress code and the 5 Buddhas crowns have special significance & at the same time ELEVATE the wearer above others, WAKE UP!


Actually on 10 Jan 2015, GM himself told all to WAKE UP!

Now politics!
I asked all present to define the meaning of Politics! :)

GM said the yellow & white tantric sectors started to delve into politics!
Do you know that these 2 sectors are still at war to date? :)
Both of them or their leaders had NEGATED Buddha’s Authentic Dharma Principles or Philosophy!

We all see TBS’ Admin operates the same way, concur?

Did Buddha teaches anyone to use violence to suppress or control others?
AND in so doing, cause great suffering or unhappiness?
Now, Admin published announcement of delisting Lotuschef from Sangha List of TBS.
They alleged that GM sanctioned their actions because Lotuschef created havoc to the more than 500 strong Sangha Assembly of TBS!

What was the causative factor to back up their charges of mischief or misdeed?
Articles in Lotuschef’s blogspot like “Leave TBS” and its associates!!!

These articles are Dialogues with Zen flavor, but used as weapons against a True Sangha by Ignorants that fear their Possessions being given to Lotuschef!!!

Also in this discussion, the Potala Palace!

The current Dalai Lama claims that this Potala Palace BELONGS to him and he wants it back!
He, like many politicians of Tibet, are living in exile!

This is the basic concept of perception that GM tried to instil frequently, but sad to say not many really awaken enough to understand!
He brought it up again in the 10 Jan 2015 speech on Sentient craving for riches or wealth!

Interesting when GM asked a simple question on the 10 Jan 2015 session, no one answers him, but most looked elsewhere from GM’s gaze!!!

This means that most really don’t understand what GM has been sharing and still sharing!
Hilarious when Admin alleged that GM sanctioned all their actions!!!

One would THINK, does Admin really understand what GM is trying to teach them or warn them against? :)
Now, what is the Potala Palace in a True Yogi’s eyes or a Buddha’s eyes?
Rocks; stones; sand; clay; wood; ……….

It only has significance when it is functioning as a True & Authentic premiss to share the Greatness of Dharma to relieve Sentient Suffering and not a bone of contend between different parties for Sentient materialistic cravings or greed for fame; control, wealth!

The Authentic Potala Palace can be replicated all over global earth, as well as the Universe!

YES! there is really no need to stage political protests or have monks and nuns burn themselves to death in aid of political protest to advance the course of Ignorant Sentient Beings in their cravings for possession of “rocks; stones; sand; clay; wood; ….” , agree? :)

All points discussed are from GM’s speeches!
Examples or cases referred to, are from media researches.

Check and see if you think that I am kidding!


Pure Karma will be hosting an event on 14 March 2015, in HK.
You can register to participate and also come join our discussion session on 15 Mar 2015.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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