Interfering Is Human Nature!

I had a vivid dream with GM & Shimu in it.

GM is sitting opposite me with shimu by his side at first n then she moves to sit next to me.

(I am sitting facing GM, to his left and at the extreme corner of the front row. A place I used to sit while in Seattle during Saturday’s night group cultivation sessions.)

hahaha! We were all in a big group “CHAT”.

Then a couple went to sit in front where there is a table with few chairs on the right hand side of GM, nearer to shimu.
they want to Wenshi (consult on personal matters or fate).

GM looked at the male and said something, then he turned to me and said: Lianchu, what did you see? (means my ‘reading’ of this male).

that somehow shocked shimu n her face has a perplex look.
she landed up sitting next to me as if to stop me from giving my comments!
its hilarious!

I remember then asking GM, “Why my ‘reading’? GM’s reading is enough!”

GM said loudly like wanting all to hear, “You can read him, do you agree with my reading?”

I said: Yes. He is greyish & dull!

GM smiled.
so GM silenced all those that Hurled missiles at me!
its funny really!
Yesterday, I met some nursing friends for the first time again in almost 30 years.
Time passed and many things have changed!
For one, our physical selves.
But the most important, most minds stop somehow at a certain stage and stop developing or becoming wise.

L: Hahaha!
you want good girl friend but people also can see whether you are good to them too!
Sun, 8:58 PM

A: yes i agree
and well eventually it should be like a mutual exchange too

L: u heard GM’s speech on Saturday?
The son asked the dad why married must choose auspicious or good day!
The dad answer: Because after marriage there will be No More Good Days! 

marriage is not that ideal or good as everything keeps changing.  :)
expectations are scary too. best to put in effort in a relationship n not expect too much from the other party!

B: lol GMs always has good says about marriage

A: i have the same idea with you

that in a relationship, it is best to be independent and not rely too much on the other party

minimising expectations as much as possible

you know, i still remember when GM gave a sermon during ragarajah puja in seattle,

he said that if you want to be like ragarajah, you have to give love and can’t event hate others

so it’s like knowing the characteristics of grand love, and he surely shows it

that has changed me so much on the look of love

L: I met a group of fellow nurses in my same batch this morning when buying breakfast.

wow! what an eye-opener to hear them speak n their friends too

I said i told C that he prioritise boy girl love over parent child love.

D, scolded me n said I cant do that. T said I am right.

she understand the need to let our kids grow n experience life themselves to gain experience for survival like I believe n want to teach my kids

when i told the one sitting beside me that she has too much sorrows in her eyes n got her to straighten her spine, her aura improved.

so another quickly asked me to look at her! :)

GM gave me homework again! :)

people’s minds mostly revolve their family like husband n children. to the extend that the kids told the mom to relax.

the other that asked me to look at her, worries about her daughter that is married n have kids!

hahaha! I told them we cant live others’ lives for them, they have to learn to survive

A: lol exactly
this is the problem that haunts most parents

L: hehe

A: they’re living a dual life

L: D is my age n a christian

A: kaypoh-ing their children’s lives and added with their own problems

L: ya lol

A: i’ve seen my friends got divorced because his mom controls his marriage life

what a sad situation and his ex-wife was talking to me for hours asking for solution

i told her that i could only give some feedbacks, but i couldn’t decide for her

it’s their own lives

i’m not married and not a love doctor either hahaha

L: Hehe. My mom in law is same

A: 3 years of marriage and so much money were spent on engagement and wedding parties

and the ending was so bitter, amitabha

she told me: he was so nice and the mom was okay when we were dating

omg like this is always the case hahahaha

L: Just what GM means by things are always changing

A: karmic enemies are difficult to prove and explain

yes, indeed!

B: Endless worries, wife later kids later grandkids 😀

L: Human goes thru the same if they don’t wake up

People get shocked by what others show!
With maturity of Mind, One’s outlook is more “accommodating” and can see clearer and further!
So Cultivate! :)
Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef
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