The Demon Won? 魔赢了?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Si Iblis Yang Menang?

1. I have this vivid memory of seeing a lawyer’s face when she exited a court room, she was a vision of a predator fresh from the KILL!
With fresh blood dripping from her mouth and her mouth opened and “Fangs” visible too!


Yes! A scary aura to pick up!!! :)

2. An “attached spirit” in a person that Jeered at me and said: I am still here, come chase me out!
The aura was of someone that think they are victorious and had Won some battle, they think important enough to them to Boast about!

3. Another “attached spirit” in another person, with a smirking smile, after lying and thinking that her lies went through and she had succeeded in lying.
She has a pale greenish grey aura of ghostly spirits!

4. This one lies and his face has a breathlessness and eyes narrowed like those of snakes.
Also has a hunch, with eyes sweeping the floor and avoiding direct eye contact with others mostly.


These are some of those that think they have LIED Successfully and they have WON in whatever they hold dear or important!


Sorry to burst your Euphoric Bubble!

The Demon in you, Won and you lost your soul to this Demon!

The Middle Path Theory in Buddhism means keeping the Scales balance all the time!

How to achieve this state if you let the Scales tilt too much to one side?

Do Remember that When you get something, you always have to give back or give up something of like value or even higher value in exchange or return!

IF you still believe that this blog’s articles are gossips, then your affinity lies elsewhere.
Please stop reading NOW!

Buddha teaches Dharma which are methods, and these methods are infinite to solve problems, resulting in one leaving suffering behind and attaining happiness.

Each individual’s thoughts and deeds are measurement of their varying level of creating or dissolving sufferings.

Thus if someone can teach you a better method to go about leaving suffering, please go learn from them.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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