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Above:  A chapter in Indonesia. Helping a fellow student from Malaysia who has pain in her limbs while walking.

Notice a Light Orb on the right hand corner? :)
Medical knowledge like Buddha Dharma learnt, must be use or apply situationally to reduce suffering, agree?
~~~~~~~~~~~L: ok. Nowadays, keep going places in dreams! Hehe!

Wed, 6:14 PM

AA: i read yours

L: these are forms of spiritual responses too! :)

AA: pitying that dying lady

L: I woke up from forming GM’s mudra n singing the long mantra!!!

ya. Pronounced Dead before she stops breathing!

imagine transporting her to the funeral parlour is also stressing her much

people are getting heartless
AA: yes, heartless, she hasn’t even dead yet, omg

L: the worse i didn’t write!

she is naked with no underwear n anyone can see her private parts when they enter the parlour!

AA: duh

L: else why i know its definitely a woman!!!

AA: hmmm people have been losing so much respect nowadays

L: its all very clear n real lol! although its a “dream”

AA: yes hor


YY got an accident last Thursday and what miracle, she was totally alright

L: hehe! great!

AA: the first time in her life she fell asleep in the road, and fortunately she wasn’t in the toll road

hit a motorcycle and both persons were alright, only the vehicles that suffered

i guess she got help from helping with preparing puja’s offerings too

L: yup. helping without asking for rewards

or thinking to get something

L: hi dears, Merry Xmas


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

Lama Lotuschef

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