An Authentic Buddhist Assembly 确实的佛教团体?

Terjemahan Indonesia:
Pasamuan Pemeluk Agama Buddha yang Otentik-kah?
Image source: True Buddha School Net Chinese Web

The above is extracted from TBS’ official website.

The last item, dated 2014年12月4日 or 4 December 2014 is a notice from TBS Admin stating that they had won a legal suit in Taiwanese courts, against a certain someone that had posted defamatory and slanderous materials against TBS’ personnel and also GM.
The verdict as per admin is in their favor and that they will push forward for monetary compensation.

The notice also warn anyone from doing the same in future, and threatened legal suits at the same time.



The Court’s Verdict which was alleged to be affirmed on 27 October 2014, is not posted together with this notice.

The proceedings were initiated in November 2013.


Whats my point?

GM VOWED that he will not sue anyone in this lifetime!
GM also explained many times how to void all!
Recently, GM also said to “Forgive and Forget”.

GM is trying to instil Authentic Buddha Dharma to ALL!

It is obvious from the notice that he has been wasting his breath as all his words seem to have “Gone with the Wind”!

Does Buddha Teaches his students to Threaten anyone?
Resorting to use the Muscle Power of the Court to silence anyone?
Note that this Muscle Power comes from “sponsorship” of students of like mind, to use Money to Buy Muscle Power to “Take revenge” or in their mindset, to “Right a Wrong”!

Still in deep stupor? :)

In Maha Perfection Dharma, One learns to Void and Break Free of Sentient Tentacles!

In Yana 1, as per GM, we learn to “Not hurt anyone”!


Letting Go is something very hard to learn and also hard to wean Most away from “Hatred & Aversions”.

GM said when One feels Pain then Letting Go is inevitable! :)

So when you feel pain, it might be when you are suffering from a terminal illness;
when you lost all your worldly possession that you hold most dear;
when you died and answering for your sins in Hell;
when you reincarnated into a malformed being, getting bullied all your life;
and more………

Time is of great essence here!
You need to wake up before it is too late!

With GM’s guidance, you can cultivate to save yourself from any pains and even able to save others as well.

Your wisest move now is to GRAB tightly GM Lu’s HAND!
Only a Predator stays hungry for others’ BLOOD.
Also Boast and Show Off their “Kills”!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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