[Assignment] Spiritual responses – Comments [1B]


AA: Ok this time:

When GM is in the samadhi state.
Or when one enters the samadhi state at ease.

It all happens during the samadhi.

Cheers :)


Lotuschef: hahaha!

Not so simple!

GM said before that: There is no entering or exiting Samadhi!
Samadhi, once achieved, is everlasting! :)


Getting confused?

Remember what I shared with you about : When is time not essential & not the essence in cultivation?

Have Fun!

AA: I understand the concept that the accomplishment that you are always in the state of samadhi.

I’m translating the article that said GM sees the sightings when he’s in samadhi, i thought that it’s quite relating, I just don’t quite know to which concept will this be categorised into hahahaha.

It’s like when he wants to get the sightings, it appears consequently.



Lotuschef: If you paid attention, GM actually get the spiritual responses at all times!
when something drastic going to happen to one of his students;
when student try to harm GM or others
when natural disasters about to occur

More…….What are the mechanics?
The answer is from Avatamsaka sutra too! :)

Why does GM keeps getting Spiritual responses n even though he speaks & shares them all the time, THESE responses do not diminished or disappeared?

Think! :)

Dear all,
GM also gave explanation of those that keeps talking about Spiritual Responses and liken them to Vegetables that are not properly or thoroughly cooked.
In what context is GM trying to tell those that keep talking about Spiritual Responses and warning that the responses will disappear?
What kind of mindset does these people have when they keep talking about Spiritual responses that they experienced?
Recently, GM again asked students in the midst of his dharma speech, about how many had seen HIM in their dreams.
Recall, One student’s commented “this stage of changelessness…”?
Have the relevant concepts all gathered and you can then pinpoint the answer for this assignment!
Have Fun!
Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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