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Thank you for the opportunity. Sorry it takes so long to give a second trial.
After contemplated this topic for a while, this is what i think.
Please let me know how is it so i can learn from it too and thank you for your time for reading my email :)

By the way, i came through an article that i think is very good about respecting your guru

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Thus, as per Tantrayana, Affirmation is secret, cannot said too early, have response then talk about it, till the end, all responses talked about,become no more responses.
Sometimes, when you have affirmation, it is to increase your own Faith. —]
[— 只要不是妄念所產生的,都是屬於真傳。

As long as not developed from false thoughts, all consider as True transmission. —]

This assignment is for each individual to draw upon whatever Buddha Dharma’s know-how, in application.

Topic: Can you explain the Mechanics behind (Why GM Lu keeps talking about Spiritual Responses and yet these responses didn’t “disappeared” or halt)?

My view regarding to why GM always talks about spiritual responses is because he wants his disciples to achieve success in cultivation.

So by mentioning about the spiritual response he wants his student to have an absolute faith in him and to have faith that every individual can achieve success.
As in tantrayana having an absolute faith to your guru is one one the most important key to success in cultivation.
As GM mentioned in one of his articles that when you learn the dharma from your guru wholeheartedly buddha and boddhisattva will empower you.
He is also encouraging his students to get a spiritual response because this is the first sign that tells you that you are in the right path in doing the cultivation and to increase a person’s FAITH. The response that an individual gets may be varies and may disappear.
I think the response can disappear depending on how individual treats it.
That is why GM always reminds us not to be attached or fixated and be natural to these responses. Let say when someone gets a response and he keeps talking about it to everyone to show off, physiologically or without he realized, he becomes arrogant (or another way to say the 3 poisons grows in him), and this may cause his response disappears.
However if a person not attached to the responses, be natural and continues his cultivation diligently, it will become no more responses eventually. [don’t make sense, shouldn’t it be the other way round?]
This is because if you have really achieved spiritual response with either your root deity or your Vajra Guru, you have attained the stage of changelessness.
I think this stage of changelessness is where you and your guru/ root deity has become one.
Still fail to explain what is asked.
In your own words please and not copy from passages you quote.
For example:
[I think this stage of changelessness ] – you think?
 this stage of changelessness – explain what is changelessness too.
You have got something but need to pinpoint it in relation to Question.
You brought up “this stage of…” – so you are telling us that there at other stages of changelessness too?
Game to try again?
Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef


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