[Assignment] Spiritual responses – Comments [2A]

The Assignment:
Can you explain the Mechanics behind (Why GM Lu keeps talking about Spiritual Responses and yet these responses didn’t “disappeared” or halt)?

Spiritual responses include sightings of Divinities and feeling them merge with Him.
Also receiving “Information” and “Help” from these Divinities all the time.

AA: Let me.try again 😀

Besides GM has all those qualities mentioned before, GM also diligently cultivates.

Never misses a single day doing cultivation. 
Thats why the spiritual responses never disappear, plus GM already fully enlightened. 
So the mechanics are having all those 4 qualities and cultivate diligently. 

Once fully enlightened, the spiritual responses will never disappear.

Lotuschef: Hahaha!
You confused yourself liao!

Dear all, 
You may think you know the direct answer to the Assignment.
It is hard to put into words though. 
The Key Concept and not explaining all around but can’t pinpoint the Centre or Core of the Question.
One very slippery & elusive Fish to catch! 
Mind training is a very wide topic and all cultivators have to go through to develop Wisdom to Apply Buddha Dharma at ease and at will per situational requirement, for the benefit of All!
All comments welcome as the “Answer” only reveal to those submissions that are pretty close!
No one should have the mindset of let others give you the answers!
Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef
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