[Assignment] Spiritual responses – Comments [1A]


AA: Let me put it again this way:

In the complete stillness of dharmakaya, spiritual responses are there just to show/display ‘form’ to help sentient beings to achieve the same state as GM.
Because in the state of being the only one in the universe, there is no such thing called as spiritual response any longer.

Cheers :)


My dear, this one is very confusing too!
You show you are mixed up & didn’t cut straight to the point of what you want to share.
Have & Don’t have!
Need to be clear, when you relate them.


read the guide:-


AA: Wait, i think i got more understanding of what is asked.
The process is through the successful accomplishment of yoga with the yidam deity.

With yoga, GM can execute anything as he wishes, at ease, and at will. Anything he asks for, the yidam will help. And as it is said that yoga with one yidam means yoga with all deities too.

I guess that should be how it works.

Is that answering the question?

Cheers :)


u got a better idea but you still didn’t pin-point the mechanics in relation to GM. :)

Try again

Dear all,
Having knowledge of Buddha Dharma, One needs to know how to APPLY.
Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef
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