Sydney Seige – Happening now.

Sydney siege: Martin Place Lindt cafe hostage situation leads to road closures and transport diversions

ABCDecember 15, 2014, 3:27 pm

Transport authorities have urged people to stay away from Sydney’s CBD due to the ongoing siege in Martin Place.

Authorities have also advised people already in the CBD to follow the directions of emergency services personnel and transport staff.

The Transport Management Centre spokesman David Wright warned commuters and motorists to expect changes to traffic and public transport to occur at short notice.

“Keep in mind in an event like this it’s very, very common that things may close and change very, very quickly,” Mr Wright said.

“So what you’re seeing now may change in five minutes and we’re doing our best to communicate that.

“But if you need to go into the city please try and change your planning because I don’t think they’re [going] away anytime soon.”

Mr Wright said trains had resumed on the Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra line however trains were not stopping at Martin Place station.

“Of course the thing in an operational environment like this, we may also see lines like the Eastern Suburbs Illawarra line as well once again be partially closed at very, very short notice so obviously everything is being done to keep these lines open and the scenario like this we could have them closed very quickly,” he said.

The Transport Management Centre has said roads are now closed between George Street and Macquarie Street from Park Street to Circular Quay.

He said Macquarie Street had been closed and several other road closures were in place.

“Obviously that whole CBD area that is around that Martin Place precinct has been locked down,” said Mr Wright.

“A lot of road closures, obviously we can’t get buses in there.

“We want to make sure people don’t go in there, that those roads are available for emergency services.”

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