Lotuschef in Dialogues [7]

A: J is so insecure that he tells people he meets for the first time how successful he is.

B: Yup. I noticed that he only socialise with people he deem inferior.

C: He is loud and reprimands others.

D: Hahaha! He only participate in activities like dancing and ball-games that he thinks he excels.

E: He “preens his feathers” at gatherings too. Acting like Royals and to be waited upon.


Dear all,
The subject J, is a technician and has been one for many years.
He likes to boast of how successful he is, when he is still in the same old job for decades.
In his late fifties and has huge ego.
Of course, when One has huge ego, he will maintain it by lying!

Likes to yell or shout to pose a threatening stance is yet another way of a liar.

I noticed that this person is only good at repetition and copying.


He generally likes audiences that he deems inferior to him.

Very like GY that drinks and gambles and condescendingly looks down at everyone.
Well, after she asked me how many languages I speak, and my answer is about 6, she changes about and attempted to show others that I am poor and can’t afford to spend on board!

Then she bragged about her success with encouraging a migrant child to read, again and again.
I told her I love to read and likewise, all my kids too.
Told her also I am from the top girls’ school in Singapore.

She steered clear of me hence.

Just like J, he too wary when in my vicinity.

THINK: Why Lie?
When your lie only shows how inferior and lacking you are.

Common subject of lies?
Wealth; social statuses; social successes; good looks; good education;….

Sad to say, these are stuff that One can’t lie about for long.

People who are very stingy, exposed themselves as lacking in wealth.
People who boast of elevated status are those that are truly inferior.
Boasting of social successes, these are the real failures.
Good looks? depends on the Eye of the Beholders!
Good education? Subject matters of statements One makes!

All these are Body Speech Mind that gives One away all the time!

Like GM said in recent speech, A pure cultivator then can attain Buddhahood.
In this context, Purity is achieved through Breaking free and Letting go of all sentient materials!

People that create falsehood all the time, are actually digging their way to Hell, agree?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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