[Assignment] Spiritual responses – Comments [4]

Topic: Can you explain the Mechanics behind (Why GM Lu keeps talking about Spiritual Responses and yet these responses didn’t “disappeared” or halt)?

With Spiritual Response.. we can learn many things from guru and many deities.. and no one can give us false teaching.. because we actually can talk to guru or deities face to face ^_^

Spiritual response will only come when we respect our guru and treasure his teachings.
spiritual response is like the next step in cultivation after the basic practices..

When experience some spiritual response, it is important to remain calm and treat these events as normal occurrences and continue cultivate.
we can talk to the master about that spiritual response. but don’t tell about it to the outsider..
because people from outside of our spiritual circle may not believe in such matters, and may invite some criticism and may cause negative karmic.

a person with spiritual responses should not showing off the experiences of getting spiritual response, which would be a display of vanity
if we cultivate with such a mindset, it will far from the right view.
never think that we have the highest spiritual state than the other..
because it will make us cocky.. and it will bring negative karmic.

in my opinion if we cause much negative karmic.. the spiritual response may disappear.. and we should do repentance again to clear the bad karmic.. until the spiritual response comes back again.

Amituofo ^_^

Lotuschef: Align your comments to the topic please.
You got the general idea but need to comment according to Question.
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef
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