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Dear Fashi,

Here is my attempt for assignment 2. I am not sure if i have understand this spiritual responses correctly. Please feel free to point out my mistakes or if i did not address this assignment correctly so that i can learn.
Can you explain the Mechanics behind (Why GM Lu keeps talking about Spiritual Responses and yet these responses didn’t “disappeared” or halt)?

My view regarding to why GM always talks about spiritual responses is because he wants to increase disciples faith. As the absolute faith to your guru in tantrayana is one of the most important keys for us to be able to achieve success in our cultivation. And he wants his desciples to achieve that success. Also, he encourages his disciples to look forward to get a spiritual response but he reminds us too if we really want it so badly it may not be the true spiritual response as our mind may play trick on us.

“Thus, as per Tantrayana, Affirmation is secret, cannot said too early, have response then talk about it, till the end, all responses talked about,become no more responses.
Sometimes, when you have affirmation, it is to increase your own Faith.”

So, I think the spiritual response that someone gets is to increase their faith, and yet this response did not disappeared is because the person treat this response as something natural and not fixated to it.

Here is the quote from an articles from GM :
 “But the truth is, if you have really achieved spiritual response with either your root deity or your Vajra Guru, you have attained the stage of changelessness.” 
Therefore once you have attained this stage of changelessness, of course the spiritual response will not be disappear. I think this stage of changelessness is where you and your guru/ root deity has become one.

Below is an articles that I found in voyagestohell.com and I found it very good.


Tantra has its stages of the path: the generation stage and the completion stage. It is difficult for a novice to understand the True Buddha Tantra; if you study long enough you will finally realize that it has the greatest secret. From the Four Foundations, Guru Yoga, Deity Yoga and finally the inner Tantra which consists of the practice of Jewel Vase Energy, Inner Heat, the clearance of the middle channel, the opening of the Five Cakras, to the stage of the Most Supreme Tantra, and eventually The Great Perfection. The stages of the path is simply magnificent; from the Kindergarten to Doctorate. It is hence inevitable that a novice student is sometimes easily influenced by the talk of some Sutrayanist teachers because he is still in the kindergarten stage. When a stranger offers him a piece of candy and says, “This is sweet and tasty, follow me,” he will follow him willingly. There is nothing we can do about. But the truth is, if you have really achieved spiritual response with either your root deity or your Vajra Guru, you have attained the stage of changelessness. Why? If you have spiritual response with your Vajra Guru and he is still around, you can never run away with others; more so if you have spiritual response with your root deity. To run away with others means you must at least be satisfied with them. Am I right? That is why if you have spiritual response with your Vajra Guru, you will never lose faith; and once you have spiritual response with your root deity, you will surely be reborn in His pure land.

We are certain that only novices will lose faith because they have never experienced any spiritual response, small wonder they reacted in this way. Our cultivation must follow a certain order; to attain enlightenment of a Buddha is guaranteed once you have achieved spiritual response. I give you the assurance that if you have spiritual response with your root deity, at least you will become a Buddha during the bardo stage (the intermediate stage between death and reincarnation). There is no doubt once you close your eyes, your root deity will fetch you to His Western Pure Land. In Tantric Buddhism, by cultivating the outer tantra and having achieved the spiritual response, you will be reborn in the Pure Land. By successfully cultivating the outer tantra, you will be able to achieve Buddha hood in this lifetime. In fact, there are many ways to becoming a Buddha, such as being fetched by the Buddha to the Pure Land; personally attaining Buddha hood in this lifetime; transforming into a rainbow body or the immortal rainbow body which is the most supreme form of enlightenment – these are all marvelous rebirths.


Lotuschef: hi dear, you did pretty well!

But pinpoint your comments to the Question!
Focus on what is asked.
Shortened your comments to correspond with the question.
try again.


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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