[Assignment] Spiritual responses – Comments [2]

Dear Fashi,

Here are my comments about the above assignment.

Can you explain the Mechanics behind (Why GM Lu keeps talking about Spiritual Responses and yet these responses didn’t “disappeared” or halt)?

Spiritual responses include sightings of Divinities and feeling them merge with Him.
Also receiving “Information” and “Help” from these Divinities all the time.


These Spiritual Responses didn’t disappear or halt because :

1. The cultivators always have an utmost conviction to Guru. Believing that only Guru is the key in their cultivation. They will ask or pray to Guru if encounter any unusual experiences. So they won’t try to seek advices from unreliable sources.

2. The cultivators do not attach to these responses. They don’t try to pursue or chasing the responses just like their first encounter or what they think. Like if they think certain Yidams will appear with certain characteristics or appearances, then in each cultivation they try to make those appearances appear exactly the same. Its just like they are trying to fake and make sure the responses appear just like usual. In the end, they are stuck and put themselves into their own hallucination.

3. The cultivators always abide to precepts. So they wont do unwholesome things which will cause the cultivations become setback.

4. The cultivators also cultivate for the sake of all beings. Wishing to save them instead of cultivating for own sentient purpose like for self well being, wealth, etc.


Lotuschef: hi dear, read the question?

Subject is GM.

you got some valid points but need to explain or relate to GM and not generally everyone.

Try again


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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