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Can you explain the Mechanics behind (Why GM Lu keeps talking about Spiritual Responses and yet these responses didn’t “disappeared” or halt)?
Spiritual responses include sightings of Divinities and feeling them merge with Him.
Also receiving “Information” and “Help” from these Divinities all the time.


GM Lu can share about his spiritual responses all the time but they don’t disappear.

These are several factors that crossed my mind:

1. For a buddha who merges with the universe, the buddha is and becomes the same as the universe, thus the buddha has the spiritual responses all the time.

2. The buddha has the perfect expressions and applications of bodhicitta, and those who naturally practise bodhicitta shall gain protections and helps from all holy beings. This depicts exactly why the sightings of divinities and the feeling of merging with them, and receiving information and help from them always occur.

3. Those accomplished beings who talks about and use the spiritual responses in the correct way to strengthen the faith and samaya, to help others, and not to be boastful and use them for selfish purposes will gain respect from the divinities, therefore their responses won’t vanish.

4. People who can maintain the spiritual responses are those who possess the pure body, speech, and mind — as being taught that the responses will occur when one can settle the mind and purify those 3 aspects. One would convey the responses just as they are, truthfully, and without exaggeration.

5. They know how to treat spiritual responses naturally; that they are natural phenomena to notify that the practice is going on the correct path and hence the practitioners do not get stuck on the illusory phenomena.

Hence, the spiritual responses are like the ever-blooming flowers that embellish the bodily tree of the practitioners. They sprout naturally with the true and correct cultivation.

Cheers :)


Lotuschef: Hahaha!
U got some but need to merge them n shorten your comments.


Hehe, too long ya.

I also forgot to mention that with the purity of body – speech – and mind, all divinities reside in one’s body, therefore the practitioners and the divinities are as one and spiritual responses won’t fade away, which infers that all provisions are there within.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef
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