Lotuschef in Dialogues 与莲厨对话 [4]

A: Reverend, what is fate?

B: Fate or destiny is changeable!
Affinity varies from deeds of this or past life-times!

A: So what is Fate & what is Affinity?

B: You go think about it. :)

Next day.

B: Yesterday, I evilly played with you and directed your questions back to you.
You were pretty fixated on a definition for Fate and Affinity.
Now tell me your definition of Fate and Affinity. :)


B is able to incorporate what I told him on Day 1 into his definition of Fate & Affinity.
He knows that Affinity is the origin and Fate or Destiny is the result.
Thus when a person changes his mindset and execute deeds to the benefit of all sentient beings, he/she can change their ultimate destiny or fate.

Thus Fate is yet another factor that proves Impermanence. :)

In the above, Fixation of most mindsets is exhibited as A, like most, think to pin down a definite meaning to Fate or Destiny!

I also explained the concepts of Mind Development.

We can look at something or some matter differently as we progress in Mind Development.
Thus there is no Absolute Right and Wrong as our mindset changes as we become wiser.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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