Lotuschef in Dialogues 与莲厨对话 [2]


GY: I think you don’t have any account to settle for this trip.
(Any expenses on board is charged to the Key card we were issued with, when we boarded the vessel. Like a credit card.
We can opt to pay in cash too, in USD or any local currency via our Credit cards. )

DG: O! Reverend must live in poverty!

Me: Hahaha! We don’t live in excess and waste.


GY gambles and drinks pretty heavily and she is always more than a little intoxicated whenever we come across her.

DG actually likes to joke and come to my defence!

Should a reverend lives in poverty?

Thats a mindset of most that got the idea that all ordained personnel should live in deprivation, and most admire monks or nuns that eat one meal a day and go through some forms of deprivation which most consider “Hardship” necessary to make a better person!

The meals onboard are more than sufficient for our needs and I don’t find any need to dine elsewhere and pay extra for meals.
Also, I am not a heavy drinker and it might shock many to see a reverend drinks alcoholic beverages!!! :)
I do enjoy some wine to go with my meals when necessary for enjoyment and not to drink to show off that I can afford them.

Dear all, remember that One needs a healthy Human body or shell to cultivate and Buddha has said that “depriving” self is not the correct path.

O! the fare structure onboard for each passenger and room differs too!
Mayhap GY needs to find out what floor I am staying first before being condescending and judged me to be “poor”!

AND, rumours had it that I am the richest reverend in TBS since early 2010, when my name was printed into the list of sponsors for the 2 comic books compiled and designed by Lotus YC, with the highest amount of USD 2,000, amongst reverends!

The cruise fare I paid is about USD 1,000, the flight from Sydney to Perth and then Perth to Singapore another USD 800.
Expenses for my stay in Sydney & Perth, another USD 1,000 or more.

Do I seem to be living in poverty? :)


What can one that is daily intoxicated knows or can see clearly or think clearly to deduce?

A Major precept is to refrain from ingesting substances that are harmful to one’s body or can affects one’s clarity of mind!

If you can drink wine or any alcoholic beverages not to excess till you lost clarity of mind, and you enjoy a little with your meal, You are not breaking any precepts.
Harmful drugs like opium are used to relieve pain for those in terminal stages of cancer too.
The USE of any substance is as per requirement for one’s health and only ABUSIVE Usages are harmful to one’s body!

Do not blanket judge anyone when you have no idea or the right view! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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