GM is Back in Taiwan 师尊回到台湾

Screen capture: GM’s arrival in Taiwan on 16 November 2014.


Many accompanied GM’s return to Taiwan.


Look at GM and also those by his sides closely, please.

What do you see?

GM shines, even after a long flight from Seattle to Taiwan, agree?

Sad that most of those that accompanied him, or welcome him, don’t show the same radiance!

Now, draw on your memory:

GM said when you are able to “enter” Samadhi; there is no more “entering” nor “leaving” Samadhi!

A True Yogi is eternally in Samadhi!

Everything is Cultivation!

GM only needs a little while to “recharge”!


I am sharing some basic technique of Mind Development which leads to Development of the 5 Buddhas’ Wisdom or Enlightenment!

What is my point?

GM shows you that Cultivation is all the time, just like your breathing, which when you reach Level 4 of Maha-mudra, you become unconscious of cultivating, because it has become something that you do naturally.

However, with cultivation, you exudes or emit a Radiance all the time!

There is another important key here too!

GM also shows you that All are Buddhas or each individual has the potential to be a Buddha!

Now the above are Hints or clues or Keys to 18-11-2014’s Assignment! :)

Cheers all
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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