17-11-2014 Mind Development 住心论

Above: Qi mobilisation to help this student purge “stale or stagnant” Qi energy which cause ill health.

Below: Spirits that participate in Homa session with us. :)


Therefore, we cannot give up , consider ourselves hopeless , be resigned to the fact and claim that we have animal minds. By so doing , we are slandering the Buddhas of past, present and future lives.

As we are all future Buddhas, we will have spiritual achievement in the future. 

If we constantly visualize ourselves as Buddhas, we are upholding the Tantric principle of “instant Buddhahood”, and this itself is a tell-tale sign of our future Buddhahood. 

To-date, no other schools can promise you a faster way to spiritual fruition yet.As animal minds and human minds are the same as that of the Buddhas’, we must always will that our speech, body and mind function naturally, so that we will be fully enlightened and become Buddhas in no time.

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Dear all, have you read the comments that were shared in this blog for the Koan Assignment?


Now all sincere cultivators should go through the different stages of Mind Development in cultivation. :)

Let us all start from the bottom stage and slowly “change” our Mindset as we progress through the stages of Mind Development to Buddhahood, shall we?


Now for those that didn’t submit any views or comments on the Koan Assignment, would you like to write in?

Now the various published comments for the Koan Assignment are chosen because they have their individual point of view.

There are more angles or viewpoints though for this Assignment, maybe you can share some of them with us. :)

Will extend closing date of this Assignment further to 30 November 2014.

All in, One who is serious and sincere in Cultivation should first develop their own mind.

As per GM, One can’t claim to be a cultivator if one don’t change one’s own mindset and habits!


A student said that he started to be interested in my articles because I have been talking about Mindsets from the beginning!

For those that didn’t catch on, perhaps you need to re-look at where you are thinking of going to, after this lifetime.

GM is sharing Maha Perfection Dharma and you still have not started on the FIRST rung of the cultivation ladder of Yana One?

Lots of people, including fellow students, keep moving backwards, instead of forward, WHY?

Problem with most is Self Delusion. [see below]



GM said these:






[Like pouring Milk into an empty cup, enable you to be fully satisfied, received Perfection, this then can achieve Great Success or attainment.
Because is True Transmission.
Transmission can be in dreams; appearing to you in daytime; even when in Samadhi.
As long as not developed from false thoughts, all consider as True transmission.]

In the photos taken at the same homa session, we showed that we welcome all beings of the 6 realms to our events and share Divine Blessing with all too!

The True meaning of Cultivation is to share goodness with all, without segregation or discrimination!

Like the script we write and the Dedication of Merits, it is a For-All one too.

If you can always maintain this mindset, Buddhahood is within Reach!


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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