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Please look closely at the photos above, taken when GM was visiting Singapore in 2008, December.

GM is well protected by lots of Dharmapalas, invisible to the naked eye! :)

[— Dear Fashi,After reading the passage my views are:

ZZ has done a good thing by still having the intention of helping others even she has been out of the two chapters that she had set up previously.
She has been practicing bodhicitta by helping others.

She set up YY after she get out of the 2 chapters.

It is not an easy thing to face when people inside the organization giving you hard time and still continue to carry out her vow.

Well, i don’t know what happened until zz decided to be out of the 2 chapter.

Besides being an important person in organization, there are many efforts resources and time that ZZ has put for sure. And to many people it may lead to a great disappointment and many may just walk away and forgot about that he/she has vowed before.
Yet, ZZ still continue to help people.

The part from the articles where it says HELPING SENTIENT BEINGS OUTSIDE,  it gives the impression that there is a differentiation of people.

And i thought to practice equality is part of the things that GM always share.

In the article it says ” instrumental in setting up of 2 chapter then due to human factor and disputes left and set up YY” i am not sure about this but it gives me a impression that she has a thought where she can fulfill her vow through organization.

If she does think so, she might think like me before.

As I used to think that if we want to support dharma or doing charity we need to build temples (as temples is for people to pray ) and set up charity to do good things for others.

But after contemplate on articles that you have written and shared , i think that there are many ways we can do to support dharma and support GM and we can do cultivation in many ways.

“… She hopes to ensure that TBS’ dharma can continue to be shared, to pay back GM magnanimity

From the above statement, it is good to share TBS dharma, but hopefully she is sharing the right one.

As i observed there are a lot of student in TBS have that intention to spread the dharma, but ending up leading people to have not the right view.

Those are my view about this assignment, if I am not analyzing correctly please feel free to point out so that i can learn from this too.

Thank you fashi and have a great Saturday! —]


The above student has written her honest view. :)

She has brought up some new angles too! (Please see underlined text).Hahaha!

What’s missing in all the Comments that I received?

The meaning of Cultivation!

Why do One choose to cultivate?

The following is GM’s statements:

[— 修九節佛風可通中脈


Therefore the meaning of [Execute] is here within.
If like most people then cannot be called Cultivator.
A Cultivator is different from most people.
Where lies the difference?
Sentient being has the 7 emotion 6 desires, Love Regret Affection Hatred are all sickness.
Only Cultivators can view all sentient beings with Equality, will not give rise to Aversion Enmity Hatred, this type of cultivator is thus termed as Cultivating, this is the very Basic.
The term Cultivator is thus to cultivate in order to Right One’s Habits, can revere Buddha and repent; whenever do one wrong must then do true repenting; when body is ill, do true repenting.
Because all from one’s negative karmic deeds, like sickness, hatred. When all these negative karmic deeds are eliminated, then you can have attainment! —]


Now, no one seems to notice this statement! :)

[“… She hopes to ensure that TBS’ dharma can continue to be shared, to pay back GM magnanimity “]


Mindset of a True & Sincere Cultivator?

The statement of paying back GM’s magnanimity has different levels too, similar to the 4 levels of Yoga!
I have shared much about Mindset, and I sincerely hope that readers go figure out what I mean in the above statement!
Note also a True Yogi has to learn and practice the 6 Paramitas.

[[ Pāramitā (Pāli; Sanskrit; Devanagari: पारमिता) or pāramī (Pāli) is “perfection” or “completeness.”

In Buddhism, the pāramitās refer to the perfection or culmination of certain virtues. In Buddhism, these virtues are cultivated as a way of purification, purifying karma and helping the aspirant to live an unobstructed life, while reaching the goal of enlightenment.

The six paramitas or ‘transcendent perfections’ (Skt. ṣaṭpāramitā; Tib. ཕ་རོལ་ཏུ་ཕྱིན་པ་དྲུག་, parol tu chinpa druk; Wyl. pha rol tu phyin pa drug) comprise the training of a bodhisattva, which is bodhichitta in action.

Generosity (Skt. dāna; Tib. སྦྱིན་པ་, jinpa): to cultivate the attitude of generosity.Discipline (Skt. śīla; Tib. ཚུལ་ཁྲིམས་, tsultrim): refraining from harm.

Patience (Skt. kṣānti; Tib. བཟོད་པ་, zöpa): the ability not to be perturbed by anything.

Diligence (Skt. vīrya; Tib. བརྩོན་འགྲུས་, tsöndrü): to find joy in what is virtuous, positive or wholesome.

Meditative concentration (Skt. dhyāna; Tib. བསམ་གཏན་, samten): not to be distracted.

Wisdom (Skt. prajñā; Tib. ཤེས་རབ་, sherab): the perfect discrimination of phenomena, all knowable things.The first five paramitas correspond to the accumulation of merit, and the sixth to the accumulation of wisdom. The sixth paramita can be divided into four, resulting in ten paramitas. ]]


ZZ didn’t practice the Paramitas, agree?

Combining these Paramitas, ZZ should have come up with a Harmonious way to continue to help in charitable activities even though GM put someone else in charge, agree?

Remember GM said that he don’t like and don’t want to be Big Brother, which means being “In-charge” or the Big Boss!

Setting up another arm doing charity is actually “running away” from situation that One has somehow lost control of!
Hindrances & Hurdles in One’s path can be dealt with using the 4 Noble Truths!

How to share or ensure TBS’ Dharma continues to be Propagated when One lacks the Very Basics or Fundamentals of Buddha Dharma?

Hmmm… Realised already what I am Pointing Out?

I was told that I am allocated 30 minutes at the beginning of the charity event to give a Dharma Speech!

AND my reply?

I do not believe in “forcing” anyone to listen to something, just because we are giving them supplies!

Then it become an exchange of their time for supplies!

Understand what is Buddha Dharma, One shares it with all in a conducive way bearing in mind their Individuality and acceptance levels.

A good example is how GM Lu shares Dharma with all!

How many can do so, captivating the audiences and maintaining their interests throughout the speeches?

I am not partial to those that goes on and on, trying to explain the concepts from dharani.
They are like what GM called Rocks, lifeless and uninteresting!

Flexibility is what in Cultivation, we termed “Execute at ease and at will” !

Dear all, sometimes if you try being an “underling” ; you will hopefully realised that you are actually contributing more than those in-charge!

I have seen those “big bosses” or Chairperson of charity groups, arriving with camera-men in tow and after “showing face” is documented, they disappeared from the scenes fast.

The “underlings” tow the line and do the actual charity work of helping or distributing supplies to the needies!

These bosses or chairperson truly didn’t practice Boddhicitta at all, agree?

View from more angles, and Enlightenment will materialise with your sincere and diligent efforts!

Are you truly Cultivating Buddha Dharma?

Cheers all.


Lama Lotuschef

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